Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson confirms the huge decision he imposed!

Behind his smile, his always impeccable style and his charisma, Dwayne Johnson rarely compromises with his convictions. Very recently, the actor thus confirmed that he had fought tooth and nail to impose a big decision in the world of cinema. With success, as often with him!

Far from the professional wrestling career that made him famous around the world, Dwayne Johnson now devotes most of his time to his acting job. One of Hollywood’s most prominent personalities, “The Rock” has a string of big-screen projects, one of the next of which is the highly anticipated “Black Adam” – a longtime dream of his. But here it is: the star wanted to make the film on his terms, and had to fight to achieve it.

How Dwayne Johnson Rocked 2 Blockbusters

10 years ago, the producers wanted to make a film featuring the opposition between the two eternal rivals of the DC universe: Black Adam and Shazam. Nonsense for Johnson, who felt that a separate film should first be devoted to each of the two protagonists, before considering a joint film which would only be stronger.

After tough negotiations, the studio finally gave in, and the first film, “Shazam”, was released in 2019. Now it’s the turn of “Black Adam” to be released in theaters soon, with Dwayne Johnson in the main role. For Vanity Fair, the actor spoke behind the scenes of the discussions for the first time:

When the first script came to me about ten years ago, it was a mixture of Black Adam and Shazam. Both origins in one movie. That was the goal, so it wasn’t a complete surprise, but when I read that, I knew deep down that we couldn’t make this movie like that. We would have done the character of Black Adam a huge disservice by doing that.

I said, “Hey, I have to say what I think here”. It was very unpopular because everyone thought the script was great and that this movie should be done that way. I said to them, “I really think you should do ‘Shazam’ first, on your own, in whatever tone you want.” And then we’ll do “Black Adam”, also separately.

By his power of persuasion, Johnson won his case, which he repeated on Twitter following the release of the interview in question:

100% true! In the original script, Black Adam and Shazam established their origins in the same movie. I fought hard so that the 2 characters each had their specific film, which the fans could savor. Thus, we protect Black Adam’s violent and ruthless tone as we continue to build the DC Cinematic Universe.

Dwayne Johnson was almost alone in wanting the film “Black Adam” to take place separately, in order to continue to present the character before a joint project which promises to be exceptional. See you in October for the release of this film on which “The Rock” plays big in terms of its demands!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson confirms the huge decision he imposed!