“I threw up in my popcorn”: despite its ridiculous budget, this tiny horror film is becoming the most traumatic in history

Coulrophobia. Behind this astonishing word hides a very special situation, since it is quite simply the irrational fear of clowns. A condition that can make you smile, but which is the cause of many traumas in those affected. And unfortunately for them, we can’t say that the creators of series or film directors have been very nice to them for a few years.

Horror movie of the year?

Thus, after the staging of Twisty in American Horror Story and the recent return of Pennywise in the saga Thatit is now Art which is set to haunt an entire generation. Who is it ? From the psychopath created by Damien Leone that can be found in the movies Terrify (2016) and Terrify 2 (2022).

Yes, six years after his first solo film, this terrible character played by David Howard Thornton made his big comeback in cinemas on October 6 in the USA. And where this terrifying clown was only supposed to stay in theaters for a few days (Terrify is a low-cost franchise with a very low budget produced thanks to crowdfunding), this one finally finds itself at the center of a particularly effective word-of-mouth allowing it today to be broadcast in nearly 900 theaters. Results ? For a budget of $250,000, it has already garnered more than $1.4 million at the box office.

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Gore even more gore

A suprise ? Not really. If the first episode was already cult among fans of the genre, Damien Leone has this time placed the cursor even further to further mark the horrific world of his mark and reach a wider audience a few days before October 31.

Also, where the storyline isn’t groundbreaking – after being resurrected by a malevolent entity, Art the Clown decides to hunt a brother and sister on Halloween night, it’s the mise en scene that reveals itself. extremely effective. According to the specialists, it is enough to imagine That but with gallons more blood coupled with extreme sadism and gore.

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“A totally different level of sadism”

A real visual experience which therefore attracts thrill seekers and from which no one comes out unscathed. When we take a little tour on social networks to discover the reactions of the lucky ones who have already been able to discover it in theaters, everyone is indeed unanimous: Terrify 2 is the very definition of nightmares.

During Terrifier 2 my friend passed out and the cinema had to call the ambulance“wrote one netizen on Twitter, while another confessed, “Terrifier 2 is so gory I threw up in my popcorn“. Similarly, a fan of the film revealed that his session was marked by many crazy situations caused by this succession of horror scenes, “I just saw Terrifier 2 and it was an incredible mess of gore. The guy behind passed out and fell on my chair. Another had to go out because he was not feeling well. Opening the door I heard another guy vomiting violently in the toilet“. Finally, yet another wrote: “It was the most disturbing movie I’ve seen in my life. This stuff is on a whole different level of sadism. We were so stunned at the end that we couldn’t talk anymore“. Vibe…

“I threw up in my popcorn”: despite its ridiculous budget, this tiny horror film is becoming the most traumatic in history