Netflix: 3 quality films and series to watch this weekend

Netflix: 3 quality films and series to watch this weekend

Among your good resolutions for 2022, we hope you have planned to catch up on your classics available on the Netflix catalog ! In any case, we do and the editorial staff of CNET France started the year very strongly with the discovery of two movies and an series to watch on the platform of streaming (SVoD).

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A first weekend placed under the sign of the groovy western with The Harder They Falllaughter thanks to the antics of the Police Academyand finally some action as funny as it is violent with the surprising duo ofHappy!

What movies and series to watch this weekend on Netflix?

A western that shoots its classics: The Harder They Fall


In search of revenge, Nat Love and his gang hunt down a cruel gang leader: Rufus Buck.

Why you should take advantage of it

Although they were present, black cowboys rarely had the honor of appearing in large numbers in Hollywood westerns. A dismissal repaired by Jeymes Samuel who decides, for his first film, to play with conventions and to propose with The Harder They Fall a 100% African-American cast.

And what a cast! Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz, Regina King, Lakeith Stanfield… They are all, each in their own way, excellent and we only want to see them on screen more. Especially since the scenario leaves no one on the sidelines and it plays as much with the gun as it does with charisma.

And if the story is quite classic, recalling several times the Sergio Leone, The Harder They Fall is inspired without copying and looks more like a work of Tarantino in his modern approach to the genre. Supported by a signed soundtrack Jay Z and neo-baroque sets, the film possesses an energy unique to its contemporaries. It’s fun, it’s pop, it’s a little western revival.

As for the staging, if the director does not reinvent anything, he nevertheless brings enough personality for us to really want to see what he has in store for us for his next production. A sequel maybe?

  • Go to the Wild West with the trailer:

A comedy considered a classic: Police Academy


A police academy decides to open its doors to all candidates, regardless of their profiles and skills. The instructors weren’t ready for the arrival of Carey Mahoney and his buddies.

Why you should take advantage of it

Without reaching the omnipresent parodic side of hot shots or some is there a cop, Police Academy is a comedy in the pure style of the 80s. The humor is generous and the gags follow one another without looking alike.

With a contagious desire to make people laugh without malice, our merry fellows compete with ideas to play the brats or amuse with their caricatures. Full of good feelings, Police Academy makes fun of authority without falling into gratuitous denunciation, preferring to advocate openness to others and the qualities of difference.

Each recruit thus has his own style, his own universe and we are as much fond of the extremism of Tackleberry as for the pathological shyness of Hooks. Obviously, our favorite remains Jones and his ability to imitate all sounds.

Police Academy is a good-natured comedy whose likability has grown steadily over the years, eclipsing its many far less original sequels.

  • An excerpt that makes you smile:

A crazy series: Happy!


A violent and alcoholic ex-cop will have to follow the advice of an animated unicorn if he wants to save a young girl kidnapped by a sociopathic Santa Claus.

Why you should take advantage of it

Unfortunately canceled after two seasons, Happy! yet deserves a look as it does not suffer from any comparison with the competition. Atypical, the show shines with its constant excess.

As violent as it is crazy, bringing together the common man with the worst eccentric psychopaths, the viewing is not to be put in front of everyone’s retinas. “Barge” might be the word that best defines Happy!

Funny, gory, dirty, lunar, the series summons so much preacher that The Boys while standing out completely. Carried by a cast of “mouths”, the show is a recreational release that always manages to create surprise.

Happy! won’t appeal to everyone, but for anyone who agrees to play the game, it’s a real ball of sugar marinated in hot sauce.

  • An eccentric trailer:

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