On Netflix and Disney+, which very good series to watch tonight?

As for many months now, the editorial staff of CNET peels daily the catalog of netflix and consorts looking for the best series to recommend to you. New confinement requires, we have swapped our weekly selections for daily recommendations.

This Friday, around The End Of The F***ing World and star wars rebels to receive our favors. Let’s detail together the qualities of these series and the reasons that lead us to prescribe them to you to have a good time in front of your screen.

What good series to watch tonight on Netflix and Disney+?

A surprising comedy-drama: The End Of The F***ing World   Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8/10

In summary

At 17, James takes himself for a psychopath and fully accepts his deviance. His favorite pastime? Kill animals and feed morbid ideas. When most teenagers his age dream of fame, money or millions of followers on Instagram, he wants one and only thing: to murder his fellow man.

So when he meets Alyssa, a rebellious classmate, James thinks he’s hit the jackpot and sets out to make her his first victim. To accomplish his dark design, he decides to run away with her and embarks on an incredible journey through England. Will he be able to take down his target or will his feelings for her thwart his plans?

What we think

Difficult to store The End Of The Fu***ng World in a box. The series, a Netflix and Channel 4 co-production, is unlike any other and boasts its quirky side. This is precisely what makes its charm. irreverent and trash as possible, she handles black humor brilliantly.

If you are looking for a teen drama to the Riverdale Where 13 Reasons Why however, you may be disappointed. Here, the heroes play in a completely different register. James is neither popular nor muscular, let alone normal. On the contrary, the young man embodies, in his own way, the difficulties of adolescence and a tortured youth in search of itself.

By calling himself a psychopath, he erected a barrier between himself and the rest of the world. Alyssa, a rebellious and uninhibited young woman, is on the same wavelength. This is also why the duo works so well.

In addition, the plot has its share of surprises and tasty moments, while the game of the main actors to the height. So many additional reasons to no longer hesitate to launch the first episode of The End Of The Fu***ng World.

  • Here is a preview of the first season:

A good Star Wars series: Rebels   Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8/10

In summary

Several years after the tragic events of Episode III, the Galactic Empire reigns and sows terror. In the streets, the Stormtroopers apply a quasi-martial law and the Resistance begins to organize to free themselves from their yoke.

star wars rebels offers to follow the crew of the Ghost ship. It is made up of pilot Hera Syndulla, Mandalorian bounty hunter Sabine Wren, warrior Zeb Orellios, droid Chopper, and human Kanan Jarrus.

At the end of the first episode, they are joined by Ezra Bridger, a 14-year-old teenager, a little pickpocket on the edges, but full of resources. Together, they will do much more than roam the galaxy, they will participate in changing its destiny…

What we think

star wars rebels is the heiress of the beloved Clone Wars, the first starting seven months after the end of the second. Lourde was therefore his task, that of being the new animated series Star Wars reference. Clone Wars takes place between episodes II and III, and can count on the classic imagination of the saga and its characters in place. Rebels it begins between episodes III and IV, an unprecedented moment when everything has to be rebuilt after the Jedi purge.

star wars rebels must therefore bridge the gap between the prelogy (I, II, III) and the trilogy (IV, V, VI). And she’s doing just fine. First, and you will see it, because the references to the other opuses of the saga are numerous. It is by hanging up the different wagons of pre-existing works that Rebels obtains, as the series progresses, its reference status in the Star Wars universe.

Better, the spectator finds himself there because the series makes the hyphen as much with The Clone Wars than with the trilogy (which takes place after the events of Rebels, which is why some iconic characters appear). In addition, the plastic of the show, substantially the same as that of Clone Warswill reassure enthusiasts and will also appeal to novices.

By making travel in still unexplored territories, with new characters, it does not lack assets to seduce. The series also takes the time to dwell on the relationships between the characters. The personalities of Ezra and Kanan, among others, are very well developed.

In short, with Rebels, fans will be able to enjoy long, entertaining and engaging evenings in a galaxy far, far away. And if they are eager to know what happened before Episode IV, there is always RogueOne

  • Watch this trailer to get an idea:

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