The Boys season 3 (Prime Video): we saw the first 2 episodes of the series, here is our opinion

Two years. Two years since the second season finale of The Boys. Two years of endless waiting caused by the Covid-19 epidemic which has turned many lives upside down, including on film sets. But this time, here we are: Amazon Prime Video is about to find its best series. U.S. too.

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It must be said that since his arrival on the streaming platformthe adaptation of the comics of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson has caused a lot of talk, in particular by its ability to show us the dirtiest aspects of crazy superheroes in the pay of a multinational.

But while the series of the same genre have multiplied, one could fear The Boys that it suffers from shortness of breath, unable to renew itself despite the contribution of the original material. And if the animated series Diabolicalreleased a few months ago on Prime Videoproved to us that the license still had a future… What about the main show? Here is the opinion of CNET France, guaranteed without spoilers.

In previous episodes…

Since we won’t reveal anything about the content of the first two episodes that we have been given to see, here is what you need to know before you start:

At the end of the second season, Stormfront, whose Nazi past was made public, was left between life and death after being seriously injured by Ryan, the son of Homelander and Becca. The latter, also affected, succumbed to her injuries, leaving Butcher in mourning.

Ryan was entrusted to Butcher’s former superior while the latter was offered a position in the new superhero surveillance service, created by Victoria Neuman. Cream was reunited with her family, and Hughie was returning to Victoria’s service. As for Homelander, he now had to save face as his girlfriend and son were taken from him.

Is season 3 of The Boys off to a strong start?

Like the series, we are not going to beat around the bush: season 3 of The Boys address, from its first minutes, a masterful middle finger to the competition. While, since its appearance on Amazon Prime Video, the show has seen many superheroic series follow in its footsteps of violence and irreverence (including the excellent Invinciblealso on the platform), The Boys announces the color: there is only one king and even if we try to copy him, we cannot match him.

In other words, for those who thought that the series ofEric Kripke was already at the maximum, or quite simply that she wouldn’t dare to go any further, you are going to have surprises! In just two episodes, the level of disgust outperforms the entire first two seasons. Digital blood is flowing and the writers are playing whoever has the most twisted idea. In short, if, for you, The Boys is above all a deluge of filth, this start of the season is akin to Disneyland.

That’s very nice, but does that say something? As a reminder, season 2 completed the main red thread by opening up new perspectives both for the Butcher gang, but also for Vought and their overpowered dirty children. We could therefore expect an introduction that takes its time to tell us about this new chapter, with one or two filler episodes (like many current series). It is not so.

By upsetting the balance of power and muzzling Butcher and Homelander into a status quo of sorts, the opposing forces have ignited a bomb just waiting to explode. This start to the season does not leave us no minute of respite quickly drawing a new thread around the Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) while the shell of a Homelander on a leash cracks dangerously.

On that note, if the cast is still going strong, Antony Starr as a service psychopath completely outclasses his comrades. Already demented in previous seasons, the entrenchments in which his character is pushed gives him a new madness, suggesting that every drop of water threatens to overflow the camel’s back. We will wait to see the rest of the season before judging, but, for the moment, this third batch presents itself as a Homelander’s enjoyable one-man show.

Obviously, the quality of The Boys lies not only in its images or its story, we also appreciate its ability to scratch with cynicism the world around him. From its introduction, the show pays the Justice League and the famous #RestoreTheSnyderverse before chaining the tackles, so that everyone takes for their rank. The politicians, the NRA, the white supremacists, Fox News, the male gaze… this season 3 shoots real ammunition with intelligence in de-instrumentalizing his charactersstandard bearers in spite of themselves, thus judging the stupidity of those who try to use their image.

We still have six episodes to discover in this season 3, but if it ends as it began, then The Boys is and will remain THE unmissable superhero series that knows how to combine violence and know-how.

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What can we expect for the future?

Many things have been put in place during these first two episodes and we do not yet know in which direction the series will go. But we can’t wait to find out how the newcomer, Soldier Boy, will be able to weigh in the balance.

To find out, we will have to wait the release of the first three episodes this June 3then an episode every Friday for the next five weeks for a finale that we can already assume will be memorable.

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In any case, this season 3 will not sign the end of the show since it has already been renewed for a fourth season, the shooting of which will not be long in coming. Anyway, we can trust Eric Kripke to push the sliders ever further and that’s good, we want more!

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