War in Ukraine: Putin’s personality, a mystery for Macron?

“Cynical”, “dictator”, “paranoid”. Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the government and part of the French political class are increasingly charging Vladimir Putin. For others, like Éric Zemmour, there is no question of associating them with the Russian president. The Reconquest candidate prefers, as indicated at the microphone of RTL, calling him an “authoritarian democrat”.

Behind these words hides an attempt to pierce the mystery that surrounds the personality of Vladimir Poutine. Objective: get to know the man better to find out more about his intentions. Nevertheless, the Putin mystery lives on.

The Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin explained on February 24 in a forum at the Guardian and spotted by The world that “the armor of the enlightened autocrat is split”. “The world has discovered a monster, mad in its desires and ruthless in its decisions”he added.

Nobody is in Putin’s head, so nobody knows how far he will go

Comments by Emmanuel Macron reported by “Le Canard Enchaîné”

An element recognized in private by Emmanuel Macronas reported The chained Duck of this Wednesday, March 2. “Nobody is in Putin’s head, so nobody knows how far he will go,” said the head of state. A difficulty also recognized among the opponents of the President of the Republic engaged in the presidential election in France. “It’s complicated to analyze what Putin wants,” admits one of them.

Neither arrogance nor contempt

This mystery surrounding the personality of Vladimir Putin complicates relations and puts more pressure on the statements of the executive. “Russia is a great country. No arrogance should not be appropriate, no contempt for Putin and other leaders”, would have insisted the President of the Republic. Avoid all unnecessary provocations, therefore. This is undoubtedly what explains the backpedaling of Bruno Le Maire. After mentioning an “economic war” with Russia, the Minister of the Economy was forced to reconsider his remarks.

Why this strategy? Emmanuel Macron would have clarified his thoughts, as indicated The chained Duck. “Putin reads absolutely everything. He should not be given any pretext. Because that allows him to say he is being attacked, to present himself as a victim. Words are part of the pretexts used by Putin. We must denounce his action, which I do, but in no way go higher on his psychological profile“, he detailed.

Another strategy adopted by Hollande

The line dictated by Emmanuel Macron is not that adopted by François Hollande. In the show Daily, the former President of the Republic also shared his analysis of the personality of Vladimir Putin. “Each time, he evokes belligerent statements from NATO. He is the aggressor, he is the one who invaded a sovereign and internationally recognized country,” he explained.

Emmanuel Macron’s predecessor then added: “I see what Vladimir Putin is doing, having practiced it. He is creating a climate to scare, to impress. Hence the nuclear threat. This threat is akin, according to him, to “bluffing”. “He knows perfectly well that if he were to use nuclear weapons, there would be a response an American reaction and the countries which have the deterrent force in Europe, i.e. France and the United Kingdom. An extremely strong reaction that would cause considerable damage.”

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War in Ukraine: Putin’s personality, a mystery for Macron?

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