What are your strengths (and weaknesses)? This test takes stock thanks to 24 criteria

Curiosity, bravery, gratitude, leadership or even love, find out what your character strengths are thanks to this questionnaire developed by two psychologists.

VSknow your personality traits, his character, his qualities or his faults is essential to fully realize himself, whether at the personal, relational or professional level. It is for this reason that Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson, pioneers in positive psychology research, developed in 2004 Character Strengths Inventory. This test evaluates 24 character strengths, also called “values ​​in action”, such as creativity, wisdom, integrity or even impartiality.

These strengths are grouped into six main categories: wisdom and knowledge, courage, humanity, justice, moderation, transcendence and gratitude. Not to be confused with individual talents, skills or resources. These strengths are positive traits and are not necessarily innate, so they can be worked on, hence the importance of identifying your own.. Especially since they allow you to feel more authentic and more engaged, explains Psychomedia.

So take the test hereto know your character strengths.

Five signature strengths

To take this test, you must evaluate 213 statements – it takes some free time –, such as “I like to talk about myself”, “I am told that I am a strong but fair leader”, “I can face my fears“, “I am difficult to understand”, “I pass the sponge over the past”, “I follow the rules” or even “I give up easily”, from “absolutely not like me” to “absolutely like me”.

Character Strengths Inventory test – screenshot Psychomedia
Character Strengths Inventory test – screenshot Psychomedia

Once the questionnaire is completed, you discover your five main character strengths, that is to say your signature strengths, as well as your scores for each of the values ​​in action, category by category. For example, if you have a high score in perspective it means you are able to give sound advice to others. If you have more than 3 out of 5 in social intelligence, then you are aware of your motivations and feelings as well as those of others. Conversely, if your score of vitality is low so you tend not to approach life with enthusiasm.

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Overall, the forces related tohumanity are impersonal forces and indicate your ability to take care of and be interested in othersthose of the moderation protect you from excessthe forces of justice underpin healthy or unhealthy community life, the category transcendence brings together the forces that promote openness to the worldthe forces of courage are our emotional forces that involve the exercise of will and finally those of wisdom represent cognitive strengths involving the use of knowledge.

Character Strengths Inventory test – screenshot Psychomedia


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What are your strengths (and weaknesses)? This test takes stock thanks to 24 criteria