18th Zurich Film Festival: Spain in the spotlight

This year, the “New Horizons” section of the ZFF will smell of the scents of the south. Indeed, Spain is in the spotlight, and with it, its young directors. Discover 5 films not to be missed.

1 – “La Maternal / Motherhood” by Pilar Palomero

What does it mean to be a mother? What does it mean to be a child? At 14, Carla is both. Having fallen pregnant, the rebellious teenager is taken to the La Materna home by the social services, a center welcoming young mothers. There she learns to live with her friends, who are also pregnant, and to prepare for her future role as a mother. A sensitive and moving journey into the motherhood of adolescent girls.

2 – “Cerdita / Piggy” by Carlota Pereda


Summer is not to everyone’s taste. For Sara, the obese daughter of a butcher, the hot season means enduring the incessant teasing of other girls in the village. When she is again the target of taunts after an afternoon spent at the pool, a psychopath comes to her aid and kidnaps Sara’s torturers. A first film full of humor with a grandiose staging, which, from psychological drama, turns into subtle horror film satire.

3 – “Cinco Lobitos / Lullaby” by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa

Amaia and Javi have just had their first child and are still in love with this birth. But the young parents did not really think about the questions of organization between work and babysitting. Alone because Javi is often absent for work, Amaia decides to return to live with her parents, on the Basque coast, to calmly reflect on her future. Director Alauda Ruiz de Azúa takes an empathetic and realistic look at the challenges of young parents today in her first film.

4 – “En Los Márgenes / On the Fringe” by Juan Diego Botto


Rafael, a passionate lawyer, helps disadvantaged people but neglects his family. Azucena, cashier, and her family are threatened with eviction. Finally, Germán does not want to meet his mother out of shame for his poverty. In his captivating social thriller, Juan Diego Botto tells the intertwined stories of different individuals in Madrid. We find Oscar-winning actress Penélope Cruz and Luis Tosar in a breathless race against time.

5 – “As Bestas / The Beasts” by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Antoine and Olga, a French couple, have long been settled in a small village in Galicia where they run a farm. Despite their friendliness, some peasants in the region are wary of the two foreigners, and the situation quickly gets out of hand. Set in a sumptuous setting in the heart of Galicia, Oscar-nominated director Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s thriller captivates us with its power!

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18th Zurich Film Festival: Spain in the spotlight – 5 films not to be missed