1991 — Walk your tongue early in the morning

The very great saga of Radio Nova told by those who lived it and surrounded it on the air or in the savannah.

How lucky, how lucky to live in France. Loïc Dury is right: long live rap and raggamuffin. On Nova, in 1991, there was no question of letting go, especially not the year of the release of three founding albums. Let’s quote first authentic of the Supreme NTM, “ pure product of that infamy called the suburbs of Paris “, which emphasizes that ” money rots people » and imposes itself in « loudspeaker of a rebellious generation, ready to shake everything up to rebuild, of course, The world of tomorrow. Not far from there, a drum break flows on the FM and Claude MC Solaar warns us: Who sows the wind revolts the tempoadvising not to become fashion victims “. While in the South, a clan of Egyptophiles of pharaonic dimension, IAM, foments an attack in good standing… From the planet Marstwo years after their first mix tape titled Concept. At the same time, hip hop is already a source of parodies, sometimes well done, like rap ” BCBG ” strangers, Auteuil Neuilly-Passycertified platinum, which is a hit on Antenne 2.

This year, Terminator 2 by James Cameron, at the time the most expensive film in the history of cinema, shows an android who has come from the future to prevent nuclear hell and our submission to an out-of-control computer – while we slowly begin to familiarize ourselves with the picture of a world spider web able to help us communicate, the World Wide Web, invented last year by British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee. On Nova, a 27-year-old journalist, “Elsa”, a diminutive of Elisabeth Quin, hosts our very first morning show, flabbergasted some days by ” human humus » which surrounds him « with DJs, pretty great wankers and laughter “. It evokes (probably) the death of Serge Gainsbourg, Miles Davis and Freddie Mercury, the scandalous release of the novel American Psycho on a psychopathic trader fan of Whitney Houston, the fear aroused by the cannibal of the Silence of the LambsVal Kilmer’s performance as Jim Morrison, Edith Cresson appointed Prime Minister, what comedy tells us Awesome my parents are getting divorced! on a sociological level, or the brutal success of a grunge trio from Seattle called Nirvana, whose album nevermind shows a naked baby in a pool staring at a dollar. Elsa also recommends, surely, to listen to the sound system of Tonton David or the interviews of Bintou Simporé, who receives for the first time two big names who will become regulars on our antenna: the ” blues scientist » American, Gil Scott-Heron, or the « barefoot diva from Cape Verde, Cesária Evora.

In 1991, Radio Nova is ten years old and if you don’t believe me, you’ll see your face at recess. The Gulf War is on everyone’s lips. Operation “Desert Storm”. We see Baghdad being bombarded live on TV via very bizarre green images, Teutonic Scorpions pierce our eardrums with a pacifist slow on the wind of changeand the founding record of trip-hop, Blue Lines from Bristolians of Massive Attack, comes out with a cover amputated from the word “Attack”, considered to be anxiety-provoking. Not easy to stay Shinny Happy Peopleas REM sings In reaction to this heavy atmosphere, Nova organizes and broadcasts concerts on Sunday afternoons for six months, under the banner “No ocean separates us”. Show must go on.

Production, mixing: Guillaume Girault.

1991 — Walk your tongue early in the morning