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Huge television and radio personality, Philippe Bouvard will offer his new book at 93 years old, “Le petit monde de Don Bouvardo”, which looks back on the great moments of his career.

As soon as we talk about television and radio, its name imposes itself fairly quickly on the great personalities who have forged its two media. At 93, Philippe Bouvard has made his return to France 5 in C à vous on the occasion of the publication of his new book, The little world of Don Bouvardo“.

1952: his entry into the Figaro

While he could have gone to the army in Indochina, a friend allows him to enter as a courier in the photography department of Figaro, a newspaper he knows very well. The following year in 1953, he obtained his press card and, over the years, became a feared and formidable pen, which will continue to be his trademark even today.
He has worked for many titles and was editor-in-chief, editor and columnist for France Soir between 1973 and 1998.

1977: launch of Les Grosses Têtes on RTL

This is arguably one of the most well-known shows on radio. And it was Philippe Bouvard who, under the impetus of Jean Farran, the station’s director, created the program Les Grosses Têtes on April 1, 1977. A program that he will host until 2014 after being briefly replaced in the early 2000s by Christophe Dechavanne. While this program is the symbol of radio and RTL, it also bears witness to the journalist and presenter’s attachment to this large house which he knows well and in which he officiated when it was still called Radio Luxembourg.

1982: The Bouvard theater

New cult show but this time for television. It foreshadows other equally well-known programs such as La classe or On ne demande qu’en rire because it has launched very big names in humor: Les Inconnus, Michèle Bernier, Chevalier et Laspalès, Smaïn, or even Jean- Marie Bigard and Muriel Robin.

1992: the 5000th Big Heads

He celebrates with great fanfare – a shame for a man who made small size a quality – the success of his cult radio show and his 5000th show surrounded by many members of the show. The same year, it also became a monthly program on TF1, more oriented towards very successful and often ribald sketches.

2014: his departure from the Big Heads

The host is landed from his show to be replaced by Laurent Ruquier from the following school year (he still successfully hosts the show). He very much experienced this departure and RTL continues to give him a “less exposed” place on the air, with Allo Bouvard which he will host until 2020.

“The Big Heads were part of my life as they were part of yours, I know. That is to say if you will miss me. I will often think of you. You have been more than half of my professional life, arguably the happiest half. »

Last of the Big Heads

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5 key dates in Philippe Bouvard’s career | VL Media