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From loneliness to schizophrenia, through all the emotions that animate us, this selection of six films is designed for psychology students, and fans of the discipline in general.

Cinema was born more or less in the same years in which Sigmund Freud he was writing The Interpretation of Dreams, destined to become a cornerstone of psychoanalysis. Between the seventh art and psychology there is, also for this reason, a close link, having established themselves in the twentieth century. The interest in the human psyche is constantly increasing, as certified by the numerous enrollments in university courses that deal with the problems ofindividual in relationship with himself and society.

In this article we propose 6 movies every psychology student should watch at least once in their life. Good vision!

Perfect movies for psychology students: Psycho

Marion Crane is an office worker who lives in Phoenix and would like to change her condition. When the opportunity presents itself, she steals forty thousand dollars from her run away from her and sets off to join her lover. She decides to sleep at the Beates motel, run by a mysterious man named Norman who lives in a sinister house next to the motel. While Marion is taking a shower, someone (it is not known which of her) surprises her by stabbing her repeatedly. A few days after her disappearance, her boyfriend and her sister recruit a private detective to track her down, uncovering a terrible truth.

Interrupted Girls

Susanna, a girl admitted to a psychiatric hospital after a hasty diagnosis of personality disorders, befriends a group of young women, most notably the charming Lisa. Inside the claustrophobic structure, Susanna will confront herself for freedom. The protagonist and Lisa are played by respectively Winona Ryder And Angelina Jolie.


Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) does a curious job: he writes personal letters on behalf of others, and is extremely good at it. In retaliation, he is unable to restart a new relationship since the one with his previous partner ended. Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence has made great strides and is launched on the market “Samantha”, able to interact with men without following (apparently) pre-established codes. Theodore falls in love with the white voice of the operating system, and embarks on a relationship with it that is very sentimental. Samantha’s original voice is from Scarlett Johannson (in the Italian one it is played by Micaela Ramazzotti).

The Silence of the Innocents

The actress of Jodie Foster Play as Clarice Starling, a young FBI recruit tasked with tracking down a psychopathic killer who killed and skinned five women. To get inside the criminal’s mind, she uses the “advice” of another serial killer, Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), a multi-murderous and anthropophagous psychiatrist. The interrogation soon turns into a psychological session with reverse parts.

Shutter Island

Film directed by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo Dicaprio. We are in 1954, and the local police chief Teddy Daniels goes, Chuck Aule, to the island of Shutter Island to solve the mysterious disappearance of a woman who has managed to escape from the “maximum security” hospital in Ashecliffe. The atmosphere inside the structure is surreal, the two detectives wander among cruel psychiatrists and psychopathic patients, where danger is around the corner.

Inside Out

Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Sadness are the five emotions that govern the life of little Riley Andersen, who lives in Minnesota with her parents. The quintet also takes care of preserving Riley’s feelings about her by transforming them into memories to be stored in her long-term memory. One day the father announces that due to work, they will have to move to San Francisco. Riley isn’t thrilled with the idea of ​​leaving her home and friends. At the same time, due to an accident Gioia finds herself together with Sadness catapulted out of the headquarters of the brain, along with all the basic memories of her. She begins a race against time to hurry back to the command center to bring happy (and sad) memories back into Riley so she doesn’t make reckless gestures.

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6 must-see movies for psychology students