Adriano Panzironi, the Tar rejects the TV diet: “It causes distrust in traditional medicine”

Of Julius De Santis

The inventor of the “Life 120” diet is already on trial for abusive practice of the profession. Agcom fine of 264 thousand euros confirmed

Programming on the «Life 120» channel managed by guru Adrian Panzironi
, through his testimonies and telesales of products, «generates distrust in traditional medicine». But above all “it connects the adoption of a lifestyle in a dangerous way to the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer”. They are the reasons with which the Tar of Lazio reject the propaganda organized by Panzironithe journalist who promises 120 years of life to those who buy his supplements.

To provide the starting point for the judges to examine the universe of the guru, is the appeal proposed by the journalist against the fine of 264 thousand euros inflicted byGuarantor authority for communications (Agcom) to the TV programs of Adriano Panzironi and Life 120. The judges not only confirm the fine. But mainly they demolish the system devised by the journalist to market his products. The fine was decided by Agcom because in May 2018, an interview with the parents of a little girl suffering from “Rett syndrome” was shown during a broadcast on the Life 120 channel. As soon as the intervention is finished, the teleshopping of the products begins. Agcom decides to fine Panzironi because the media cannot use minors, if affected by serious pathologies, for propaganda purposes, as instead would have happened through the broadcasting of the interview and subsequent teleshopping.

Panzironi – already on trial for abusive exercise of the medical profession for the marketing of its products – challenges the provision, but the Tar confirms it. Indeed, it goes much further. First of all, the judges observed how Agcom evaluated the entire programming of the Life 120 channel, where Panzironi’s comments alternate with insights into diseases and telesales of his products, from supplements to his book “How to live 120 years”. This system is defined by the judges: «commercial information». The channel, the judges noted, is aimed at spreading Panzironi’s lifestyle, described in the book and guaranteed by taking supplements. And it is at this junction that the Tar finds critical points: «the insights and testimonies transmitted by the “Life 120” channel are suitable for generating distrust in traditional medicine». Worse: “if it is true that the reduction of sugars and motor activity determine the improvement of the pathologies, as demonstrated by traditional medicine – the judges write – it is dangerous, in terms of public health, to link the adoption of a a lifestyle the cure or the regression of serious diseases such as tumors or genetic pathologies». Consequently, for the judges the fine, due to the interview, must be confirmed.

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July 19, 2022 (change July 19, 2022 | 4:39 pm)

Adriano Panzironi, the Tar rejects the TV diet: “It causes distrust in traditional medicine”