Agustín’s unusual explanation about his removal from Big Brother led to being labeled a psychopath on the Internet

After being removed from Big Brother (Telefe) with almost 77% of the public votes, Augustine Guardis He was in The debatewhere he had an intense one-on-one with Santiago del Moro and the panel, which did not credit the explanation that the former player gave about why he was ejected from the reality show. “Everything was planned,” said the self-proclaimed strategist.

One day after being eliminated with 76.47% of the votes, Santiago del Moro received Agustín with a sharp reflection on how he went from being one of the favorite players to win the reality show to being the most criticized of all, even more than other former players.

The mistreatment that his colleagues gave him at the beginning catapulted him to popularity since he positioned himself, without knowing at first, under the protective wing of the public. that’s how he was born the frodonette. However, as the weeks went by, Agustín changed his game style into something more aggressive and egotistical, and made comments about Lali Esposito Y about women that dynamited their romance with a huge percentage of viewers.

What happened between Santiago del Moro and Agustín Guiardis

you are a very strange case in this program, in Argentina and in the world. Y I am going to tell you up front, now that I have you here, a lot of things that were said and that I said personally about you. Because you weren’t just another participant. I had never seen people love someone so quickly. You went from being a kid who went unnoticed in that group of 18 to being pampered by the public. Fan club, celebrities campaigning for you… That lasted a week. And something happened at a time that all that came against”, Santiago launched at Agustín.

And he continued: “In fact, I publicly the other day spoke of the abuser and the abused. Because at one point you were pointed out as a person abused inside the house, because Thiago (Medina) I had caressed you, because you were also singled out for your sexuality, supposedly, or for a lot of other issues. That makes coexistence. You, having all the power to go to the confessional, never flaunted any kind of abuse or anything. You had tools to defend yourself and, in fact, it showed in the house. But it really strikes me how you can deify someone so quickly and after a while that can be the one indicated to leave ”.

In response, frodo -as it began to be called- he analyzed: “It is good that we talk about it, because that is what I came to today. I kind of anticipated it, that I had planned to go out this week or the otherin any case. Leaving my house was part one of my move. Today here with all of you is part number two. And soon number three is coming. What happened was that the game is not perfect and all the plays don’t go the way you want. Although the effect is the desired one, which is to be here, it is not how I thought to leave, ”he said trying to convince the driver and the panel, although no one believed him.

While all this was happening on the air, the hashtags were exploding on Twitter. “I DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING”, “psychopath”among others, realizing the widespread rejection generated by Agustín’s words.

“Three weeks ago I began to think about my exit from the game, because of how I was, a strategist, someone who feeds on the game all the time, I needed to have one more thermometer, which was the outside one. I already had the inside one. I played three weeks to change my behavior, which was very difficult for me becauseOr is it something typical of me to be as they have seen me. I have become a little more pedantic, I have become a little more slimy not to say pajero”Said Guardis, insisting that “everything”, including his reprehensible comments, had been designed for the game.

Totally disbelieving in what he was hearing, del Moro reminded him of his sayings about having a drive with photos of women who had sent him their nude photos and that he was willing to use in case one of them posted their own photos naked: “One can say a lot of things, but there are issues that are serious. And there is something that questions me that has to do with cyberbullying”the driver pointed out.

It’s not a pretty thing, it was a totally unfortunate comment. I used that game tool but it was misleading. This does not exist. The only thing I have in my Drive are papers, unfinished research projects and song lyrics that I will never publish.Augustine pointed out. But when Santiago asked him why he did it, he justified himself: “I needed to leave the house to generate this inside and for the people who were helping me to stay, help me out,” he shot, in addition to clarifying that he I didn’t see any other possible ways out. And he repeated several times: “I sent myself a huge booger,” he said.


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Agustín’s unusual explanation about his removal from Big Brother led to being labeled a psychopath on the Internet