Algeria’s president campaigns for a second term and engages in new chatter

On Thursday, December 22, Algerian public television broadcast a delayed interview with the Algerian president with two journalists from local public media. Abdelmadjid Tebboune has once again displayed incoherent remarks. The name of Morocco was not mentioned once, but was very present in this interview.

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune remains equal to himself, that is to say below the level required by the presidential function he has assumed for the past three years now. During a new media appearance in what is commonly referred to as the “periodic interview with local state media representatives”, he spoke Thursday evening, but without saying anything substantial, on many internal subjects. and regional.

The first impression that emerges from this media outlet is that the name of Morocco now seems to have been erected as a taboo by journalists from the public media center in Algeria. Thus, and probably for fear of being fired, as was the case of the former director general of Algerian public television (EPTV), dismissed for having mentioned Morocco’s victory against Portugal in the quarter-finals of the Qatari World Cup, the television journalist AL24 Algeria who was questioning him asked Tebboune about the echoes of a mediation between Algeria and “another country”. It is obviously about the presumed mediation attributed to the Hashemite sovereign Abdallah II between Algeria and Morocco, and which would have been the main objective of his recent visit to Algiers, knowing that the King of Jordan, in the same way as several other prominent Arab heads of state shunned the Arab summit held in Algeria last November in support of Morocco.

The Algerian president denied any mediation between Algiers and Rabat in terms that were too demagogic to say the least. “You should know one thing, that in Algeria, the primacy of information goes to the Algerian people. If there was a mediation, I would have told the Algerian people. I’m not going to hide it,” he said. However, this so-called mediation, like all those that preceded it, was created from scratch by the Algerian junta itself. It is indeed Algerian sources who “spun” to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia information according to which the mediation initiated by Jordan aims to reopen the Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline (GME) unilaterally closed for more than a year by the Algerian authorities. It is even affirmed that this reactivation of the GME will be followed by the gradual resumption of diplomatic relations between Rabat and Algiers, also severed unilaterally by Algiers in August 2021.

An authoritative diplomatic source told The360 that no mediation between Morocco and Algeria is on the agenda, whether attributed to the Hashemite sovereign or to any other actor. “In its political definition, mediation is not exercised without the prior agreement of the two parties concerned”, specified the source of The360adding that “not only has no initiative of this kind been addressed to Morocco, but all the Kingdom’s partner countries know very well that Rabat considers that there is no need for a mediator between Morocco and Morocco. ‘Algeria’, and that King Mohammed VI has always advocated a direct dialogue between the two neighboring countries.

So, following in the footsteps of his foreign minister, the Algerian president denies a mediation that was invented by his regime. One wonders how long this endless series of fictitious mediations will continue in the country of the junta.

Moreover, concerning Moroccan-Algerian relations, the Algerian regime has always rowed against the tide of the will of the Algerian people. Recently, the latter once again showed his attachment to fraternity with his Moroccan neighbor, and this by massively expressing his jubilation at each of the achievements of the Atlas Lions during the recent Football World Cup organized in Qatar. This event is still not digested by the caciques in power. Journalists challenged Tebboune on the World Cup, but from the angle of Algeria’s non-participation in this planetary meeting.

In his response, the Algerian president, very traumatized, kicked into touch. He said he was very “disappointed” that Algeria was absent from a World Cup organized for the first time in an Arab country “which is very close to us”, but without congratulating himself for a single moment on the course of his neighboring Morocco, which has enabled the Maghreb, Africa and the Arab world to make a historic breakthrough in the elite of world football. Tebboune then had words that go beyond the game, football and even the World Cup. He attributed the non-participation of the Algerian team to “the will of God”, saying that only God knows why the Fennecs did not qualify for the World Cup in Qatar. So much for the moment of football metaphysics with Abdelmadjid Tebboune sauce.

The Algerian president has also displayed the schizophrenia of the chibanis who run Algeria by setting himself up as a false champion of the unity of the Arab world, using lyrical flights to praise all the gains to be reaped from the unification of the ranks between Arab countries. Tebboune seems to forget that he works with the junta that put him in power to prevent the rapprochement between the peoples of Arab countries, as evidenced by the closure of land and air borders with his neighbor to the west.

Admittedly, Tebboune did not even touch on the Moroccan Sahara file in his interview on Thursday, but he mentioned “interference” about the Nigeria-Algeria gas pipeline, an unrealistic competitor to the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline, insofar as it cannot cross vast territories where terrorists rule the roost.

True to form, the Algerian president did not fail to engage in his juggling act with astronomical figures. He announced, in addition to recovering $20 billion in stolen state money, that as part of his attempts to upgrade to BRICS membership, his country plans to boost its annual exports, in order to raise them to… 200 billion dollars!

Blaming the failures in the execution of his “program” on the members of his government, Tebboune boasted of having a “natural” temperament which allows him “to go at a higher speed compared to that of others “. All this spiel is explained by Tebboune’s premature campaign to run for a second presidential term. Some clans within the generals have already activated their megaphones to tarnish Tebboune’s record as president. Do the generals see Tebboune as a casting mistake? Given the criticisms that are beginning to erupt from certain youtubers, known to carry the voice of the military, and Tebboune’s premature campaign, everything suggests that a showdown is looming between certain clans among the generals and the current president who does not have the makings of a head of state.

Returning to earth, Tebboune also shed crocodile tears over the lackluster social situation of Algerians. “When a citizen gets up at 5am in the hope of getting a bag of milk, is that worthy of an oil-producing country?” he asked himself. This is also the only sensible sentence he uttered throughout his chat.

Algeria’s president campaigns for a second term and engages in new chatter