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After a long time of waiting, Netflix revealed the first images of Luther: Night fallsa movie that will pick up the end of the acclaimed original series that concluded in 2019 and left fans wanting to see more.

As if that were not enough, he first teaser of the feature film is now available and fueled the hype among the fans, as he made it clear that the seasoned London investigator will seek vindicate and recover the lost prestige. Take a look for yourself before going into the details!

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Luther: Night falls: synopsis

Luther: Night Falls: Synopsis

In the last episode of the fifth season, John Luther ended up imprisoned due to his questionable but effective methods, which always moved between the border of legal and immoral.

Four years later, the Chief Inspector of Detectives is back in his signature coat. tweed gray color while a strange voice whispers in her earsomething is coming…”. But what exactly is he referring to? Undoubtedly, by antagonist of the plot and all the problems that it will bring to the protagonist.

Thus, while Luther is helplessly behind bars, a serial killer takes over the streets of London. Tired of the attacks and taunts of the cybernetic psychopath, the investigator devises a plan in order to Escape from prison and finish the job that the police can’t doregardless of cost and medium.

Luther: Night falls It will be a new air for the franchise

Luther: Night Falls will be a new air for the franchise

The direction of the feature film is in charge of Jamie Paynefamous for his work on Outlander, New Amsterdam, American Odyssey And a long etcetera; for his part, the screenwriter in turn will be Neil Crossrecognized for his participation in dr who of 2013, The sister Y Crossbonerto mention a few examples.

The idea of ​​the producers is reinvent the franchise and its iconic characters. All this through a bigger and bolder game of cat and mouse, which is sure to put you on the edge of your seat throughout the film.

In fact, Idris Elba himself was excited to be reprising the role of Luther in an action-packed movie. For this reason, he commented:I really wanted to amplify what we’ve done with the TV show”.

Luther: Night Falls will be a new air for the franchise

Although the actor asserts that the feature film will be independent of the series, it will take up a couple of elements, such as the events that led John to prison at the end of season 5 and his peculiar way of delivering justice:

He has done so much to bend the law in order to catch bad guys that he ended up in jail. That’s where we start the story. This old case that was never really solved reappears in his life. And John can’t help but find a way to get involved. This bad guy is out there and you have to go looking for him.”, mentions Idris Elba, protagonist of Luther: The night falls

Luther: Night Falls will be a new air for the franchise

Of course, the most notorious changes will be visible in Luther himself, who, despite his extensive experience in the fight against crime, will live in a situation that he has never faced before and will present a new version of himself to the public. same:

Luther is an unstoppable force. But up to this point, he’s had to bypass the law of the police, because that was his job. Now, he’s a fugitive. This is Luther with no strings attached. This man is so advanced in his thinking and he is in action. He’s like a wrecking ball, but the smartest wrecking ball you’ve ever met in your life.”, concluded Jamie Payne, director of Luther: Night Falls.

According to the scenography, the first images reveal different places where the narrative will take place, among which a snow-capped mountain, subway tunnels and city streets stand out. The best? Due to the face of the protagonist, you can expect the adrenaline and chases seen in previous installments.

When it premieres Luther: Night falls?

When is Luther: Night Falls released?

Prepare the popcorn, because Luther: Night falls coming to Netflix next March 10, 2023. If, like the Panda Ancha team, you’ve been looking forward to these four years, then you can’t miss it. And you, who are you going to see it with?

If you read us from USAyou should know that the project will arrive big screen on february 24so do not forget to check the billboard of your nearest cinemas.

Luther: Night falls: interactive gallery of the cast

In addition to the talented Idris Elbe (Sonic 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok), are also back Cynthia Erivo (pinocchioHarriet, Roar), Andy Serkis (Andor, batmanPlanet of the Apes: War) Y Dermot Crowley (The Prodigy, Son of the Pink Panther, Best Offer).

Do you want to know what his role is on the tape? Find out below!

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All About Luther: Night Falls |