All the news coming to Netflix at the end of July

The faces of Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Neil Patrick Harris will color summer 2022 on Netflix. They will be the protagonists of some of the news arriving on Netflix at the end of July, the most anticipated releases of the coming weeks. The first two, Gosling ed evans, are in the cast of the film “The Gray Man”, while Harris, on the other hand, will play the character at the center of the most anticipated romantic and irreverent comedy of the year. Perhaps also precisely because of his presence. They are just two titles among those that Netflix will present to its subscribers in the coming weeks: series and films, docuseries and most loved classics will have their first time on Netflix between July 21st and August 4th. Here are some not to be missed.

The Gray Man

After its debut in cinemas on July 13th, The Gray Man will arrive on the Netflix streaming platform on Friday July 22nd. Ryan Gosling is the mysterious agent who uncovers damning secrets for the CIA and is hunted by a psychopathic ex-colleague who has put a price on his head. Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, the action film also stars Chris Evans in the cast.


A love story gone wrong, the prospect of starting over and new appointments at forty. It’s the story of a New York real estate agent who is shocked when his longtime boyfriend leaves him. To give his face, in this American romantic TV series created by Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman, is Neil Patrick Harris. On Netflix July 29.

Keep Breathing

An exciting miniseries is coming on July 28th. This is Keep Breathing. It is the story of life in a Canadian wilderness of the only survivor of a plane crash against the adversities of nature and personal demons. Program authors Martin Gero and Brendan Gall.

Marta – The crime of Wisdom

The story of the murder of a student at La Sapienza University will arrive on August 1, which gave rise to investigations and a trial that shocked Italy in the 1990s. A true crime directed by Simone Manetti.

The poster of Martha – The crime of Wisdom

The most hated man on the internet

From the producers of “The Tinder Scammer” and “Hands Off Cats: Hunting an Online Killer” comes a three-part docuseries on Hunter Moore and his site, one of the first and most famous revenge porn portals . At the heart of the series is the story of a stubborn mother determined to have her daughter’s photos removed from a revenge porn website, who launches an online crusade against the cruel founder of the business.

Oggy and the damn cockroaches – Next generation

The new adventures of the cat Oggy are also arriving before the end of July: the story, in a Netflix TV series, of how the eternal clash between the ancestors and descendants of the cat against those of the terrible and fearsome cockroaches has changed and evolved .

All the news coming to Netflix at the end of July
The poster of the Netflix TV series Oggi and the cursed cockroaches Netxt generation

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All the news coming to Netflix at the end of July