Another Tomorrow, Iago Garcia on TV Soap: “Ventura is capable of anything for the sake of his business”

We are seeing it every day on the soap Another Tomorrow in the role of Ventura Velez de Guevarabut the Italian television audience also knows him thanks to Elm Moesia de The secret and to the terrible Justo Nunez from A life. Let’s talk about Iago GarciaIberian actor appreciated for his participation in the talent show Dancing with the Stars.

A role, that of Ventura, who brought Iago back on video every afternoon and which he is satisfied with, just as he told us in this interview.

Another Tomorrow: Tv Soap interviews Iago Garcia (Ventura Velez de Guevara)

Hi Iago, welcome to Tv Soap. Ventura Velez de Guevara is a very powerful man in Rio Muni…

Ventura is an entrepreneur who is capable of doing anything for the sake of his business. This has placed him in a situation of importance within Guinea, as he is powerful not only in Rio Muni but throughout the country. When it comes to closing a deal, Ventura puts aside all morality. He is an unscrupulous man who doesn’t look anyone in the face when it comes to getting the benefits. He was very young when his dad died; taking charge of his shops made him morally “low”.

Ventura is very close to both his wife Ines and his son Victor. How do you see this aspect of his personality?

Ventura cares a lot about the image it gives of itself. And that’s why he’s worried about how Victor acts, who doesn’t respect the rules of conduct, who goes out with all the girls and gets drunk in the most popular places in town. Ventura doesn’t like her son’s reputation. And he doesn’t even live with complete serenity the fact that his wife Ines runs a bookstore. On the one hand, with this, she gives her a bit of freedom, on the other hand she doesn’t like at all that she doesn’t engage 100% in housekeeping work.

Speaking of Ines, Ventura – in the current Italian episodes – I do not imagine that his wife is Angel’s lover, a boy whom he esteems very much …

Yes. Ventura sees in Angel himself when he was still young. Because, before his father died, he was an innocent, serious and formal boy. Angel therefore reminds him of that part of his life. Which he instead he does not find in Victor.

But I imagine that Ventura will discover everything sooner or later. Between the closeness of Victor and Carmen and Ines’ betrayal with Angel, will they be explosive months?

Yep, look at how many secrets are moving around Ventura. First of all, the one that binds Ines and Angel. He does not expect a betrayal of that kind in the least. Also because Angel is so young. He imagines what could happen if the truth emerged, given that by birth, Angel could also be the son of Ines and also calculating that in 1955 a woman could not have dreamed of doing such a thing …

What do you have in common with Ventura? And what, on the other hand, do you feel completely different from him?

Ventura is a mobster. He doesn’t have much in common with me as a personality. But I understand his psychology of him and he is quite nice to me.

In a sense, you are expert in playing negative roles, both in Il Segreto con Olmo and Una Vita con Justo …

Especially Justo di A life. Olmo had more changes and moved driven by love; at some point, he also lost his memory and left room for a different part of himself. On the contrary, Justo was a real psychopath. That was a pretty difficult role to play. He hurt anyone and it wasn’t always easy to justify such a psychology. As for Ventura, finally, I don’t consider him the real villain of the story. There is Patricia for this. He is certainly a pragmatic man who tries to solve problems when they are faced. He is very cold, he looks at what is best for him business than him. But he doesn’t put a spoke in the wheel of others if it doesn’t have to do with what he considers right for him.

A thought that also shifts to family relationships?

Yes, the family must conform to his thinking of the same. He is not interested in treating her. He only pays attention to the appearance that he must have. He is interested in what others think ”.

Un Altro Domani has a somewhat particular setting compared to other soaps. On the one hand there is the past era in which Ventura also moves, on the other the modern one of our days. Do you like this aspect of the storytelling?

It’s a new look that has never been done on a soap until today. I like the fact that new formulas are also sought in soaps. The result of this experiment by Dos Vidas, of course, viewers have to judge it. They decide whether it was effective or not.

In Italy, by now, you are a familiar face. Do you like it?

Of course. I have been in Rome for five years. I have a very special relationship with Italy. I did Dancing with the Stars, I shot some fiction, I hope to do others along with some films. I feel Italy like a second home. Recently, I was in Sicily. I felt very welcomed by your nation.

When did you decide to be an actor? Is it a desire you’ve always had or was there something that triggered this desire of yours?

When I was young I didn’t know what to do with my life. At 18, I went to London to be a waiter and learned English. After about seven months, I had the enlightenment: I realized that I had to be an actor. I felt some sort of call, I knew I wanted to do this job. And from that moment on I tried to convince everyone that this was my path. I didn’t have anyone from my (shipbuilding) family who had done it. Initially, they didn’t take well the news that I wanted to do Dramatic Art. But, following my graduation and first TV appearances, people started believing in my dream, including my family.

Also because you have the feeling that it is a precarious profession, which does not give you so many certainties.

Yes, even if I have always lived worthily of my work, which I started doing twenty years ago. I feel lucky and happy for my job, which allows you to meet different people and nations. I have toured Italy, Argentina and Spain thanks to my works. It’s a great feeling when you have to take a plane to make a fiction and a movie. It is truly gorgeous!

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Iago Garcia is Ventura at Another Tomorrow
Iago Garcia is Ventura at Another Tomorrow

Another Tomorrow, Iago Garcia on TV Soap: “Ventura is capable of anything for the sake of his business”