AT THE MOVIE THEATER. “Halloween Ends”, the final confrontation between Michaël Myers and Laurie Strode

It’s time for the final duel between Michaël Myers and Lauriue Strode. (©DR)

The “Halloween” saga ends with this third part of the last trilogy started in 2018 by David Gordon Greene, who had taken up the torch from John Carpenter, the father of the franchise with “Halloween, the Night of the Masks” made in 1978.

Four years after “Halloween Kills”

This latest opus delivers the long-awaited duel between Michaël Myers and Laurie Strode, 44 years after the first duel between the psychopath from Haddonfield and the babysitter. Four years have passed since yet another night of horror experienced by the small town of Illinois in “Halloween Kills”. Myers hasn’t come forward, and the town lives in fear with each festivity of the dead.

Another return of Michaël Myers

The pre-credits sequence takes place in 2019, a year after the escape from Myers and the bloody night and puts us in the footsteps of young Corey, who will be one of the red threads of the sequel… In 2022, Laurie now lives with her granddaughter Allyson, since the death of his daughter Karen in the previous opus, and somehow tries to rebuild and move forward. She writes her memoir while Allyson secretly dreams of living a normal life. By meeting Corey, she even thinks she has found an alter ego. But the knife killer is on the prowl and will come back to haunt Haddonfield and his last survivors…

Corey’s character, an innovation

“Halloween Ends” has a direct affiliation with Carpenter’s first “Halloween”, with many references and a few nods to the modus operandi of the most famous boogeyman in history, and the echo between certain scenes… The rise of Corey’s character is, obviously, an innovation to avoid waiting wearily for the inevitable final duel between the two enemies. A stroke of genius for some, a disappointment for others…

The theme of the transmission of Evil

But with the appearance of the young man, it is the theme of the transmission of Evil that is brought to the fore by the director, an almost telepathic transmission already glimpsed in the history of the franchise. Injured and withdrawn in “Halloween Kills”, Jamie Lee Curtiswarrior and at the same time survivor of 40 years of massacre, resumes her leading role.

Despite an agreed end, David Gordon Greene succeeds in the always difficult bet of closing a mythical saga. And this, at the price of a film actually cut in two parts, the time to install the psychology of Corey Cunningham.

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“Halloween Ends”.
Director: David Gordon Greene.
With Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, Nick Castle, Will Patton…
Duration: 1h51.
Genre: horror film.

The three “Halloween” in marathon mode

The release of the latest opus in the Halloween saga is an opportunity for cinemas to offer a marathon with the broadcast of “Halloween 2018”, “Halloween Kills” and “Halloween Ends”.
Head to the mega CGR in Blagnac, Monday October 31, 2022 from 5.45 p.m. (prices from 14 to 17 euros).
Grand Noble ZAC. Info on

Another appointment, at the foot of the Pyrenees, at the Le Régent cinema in Saint-Gaudens, on Monday October 31 from 5 p.m. to midnight. Games, quizzes, costumes, gifts to win… The party will be great!
16 Independence Street. Info on


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AT THE MOVIE THEATER. “Halloween Ends”, the final confrontation between Michaël Myers and Laurie Strode