Batman: after Joker, other films around cult villains

After The Batman and Jokerand the series The PenguinWarner is preparing films centered on other cult villains.

John Woo summed up in the unloved Mission: Impossible 2 that every hero needed a villain, a vital balance to justify the stakes of a story. But John Woo is not the only one to mention this important point. Alan Moore also touched on this notion of interdependence in the famous arc Batman: The Killing Joke dedicated to the Black Knight. He then explained that Batman couldn’t exist without the Joker, and vice versa. Christopher Nolan will take up this argument during the confrontation between the two adversaries in his The Dark Knight.

This fascination with villains has culminated lately with movies like Joker and The Suicide Squad (the team does not yet decide on black adam). This is why, while the honorable The Batman directed by Matt Reeves awaits its sequel, DC and the filmmaker have decided to develop the universe taking place during the young years of the vigilante, like the series The Penguin.

And according to The Hollywood Reporter, The Penguin is not the only project in progress, because DC and Matt Reeves will produce several feature films dedicated to Batman’s enemies.

A first project around The Penguin

According to the sources of The Hollywood Reporter, if the projects are still in the making and they do not have an appointed creative team at this stage, the future feature films in question would be articulated around the characters of Scarecrow (The Scarecrow), Professor Pyg and Clayface (Geule d’argile).

If Scarecrow has already appeared in Christopher Nolan (played by Cillian Murphy in Batman Beginsthen an express return in The Dark Knight Rises), Professor Pyg and Clayface would on the other hand make their debut with great fanfare in the cinema for the first time (Professor Pyg nevertheless invited himself to the small screen in the series Gotham).

These three antagonists have great potential even if they are less known to a large audience.. In addition to Professor Crane and his terrifying gas, the psychopath Pyg challenges with his charisma in the comics, while the character of Clayface, monstrous in spite of himself, contains a real tragic aura. No trace of Mister Freeze, however, and that’s a shame.

Batman: Arkham Knight: PicturesThere are always the Arkham games

One can imagine that the studio was convinced not only by the box office of The Batman (770 million for an official budget of approximately 200 million), but above all by the success of Joker (more than a billion at the box office, for a budget of 70 million).

With this very promising program, DC and Matt Reeves may finally manage not only to perpetuate the franchise without giving birth to yet another reboot in five years, but also to instill a real coherence to form an extended universe. In addition, they would do well to draw inspiration from the work done by animation studios and by Bruce Timm, who had succeeded in their time in characterizing the opponents of the Dark Knight in the long term.

Batman: after Joker, other films around cult villains