Berlin: the most controversial character of La casa di Carta

Death is not always the end of a character’s life and this with The Paper House we learned it well. To teach us, in particular, was Berlin who, despite his departure, has returned to inhabit the memories of the other characters for quite some time. But why has this character had such an impact on the public that they still have to re-propose him even in the seasons following his death? The answer is that he is certainly one of the most complex and controversial protagonists in history, who lived in the balance between good and evil until he died a hero.


The Berlin spin-off

The impact of Berlin on the public of Netflix it was so great to decide to dedicate an entire spin-off to him which will be released soon and which will tell of the character’s life before he joined the Professor’s band. The spin-off, Berlin, follows the cold, calculating and sharp-edged con man and jewel thief, Andrés de Fonollosa, and his gang, showing us how his character evolves into the enigmatic criminal we love to hate.

As revealed by the creators, Berlin in the spin-off operates with its own gang and carries out major robberies around Europe. Essentially, it will be a series full of crime, tension, travel, romance and, most interestingly, a sense of humor. In short words, Berlin will be a story of “love and robbery” that dives deep into the backstory of Andres before he became Berlin.

La Casa de Papel has become the most watched series on Netflix and has built an incredible fan following. So, it won’t be a surprise if Berlin also follows suit. For now, we can definitely say that the upcoming prequel is highly anticipated and we are looking forward to it Pedro Alonso you play once again as the iconic character who made us laugh, cry and cringe with his award-winning performance.

When will the spin-off come out?

No date has been set for the Berlin release, but it will definitely arrive on Netflix in 2023 and there is speculation that it could release in the first three months of the year.

The first season of Berlin will consist of eight episodes and will have many new characters. The ensemble cast also includes Tristán Ulloa as Damián, a philanthropic professor and confidante from Berlin. Michelle Jenner plays Keila, an electronics specialist, Joel Sanchez plays Bruce, a man of action, Begoña Vargas plays Cameron and Julio Peña Fernández plays Roi, among others. As for the cast of Paper House, it is unlikely that we will see i again gang members, Sergio and Andres are brothers, though, and it’s possible he could show up at some point in the prequel, though that’s just speculation right now. However, we do know that the Professor was in Berlin life before they did the State Mint robbery.

berlin the most controversial character of the paper house


Everything we know about Berlin

Very little is known about Berlin’s life prior to his joining the gang. But throughout the series we discover that his mother had had an affair with another man, which resulted in the birth of his brother: the Professor. Prior to joining the State Mint Thieves, Berlin was a jewel thief, with twenty-seven robberies of jewelers, auction houses and armored vehicles under his belt. The biggest theft of him, before the Mint, was of 434 diamonds on the Champs-Élysées, in Paris. He is later diagnosed with Helmer myopathy, a slowly progressive form of muscular dystrophy.

At some point in his life he is recruited by his stepbrother to be the leader of the “biggest heist ever”. He gets trained in various things along with his fellow robbers and knows all the details of the robbery. During his life Berlin marries five times, but none of these relationships work out.

Berlin is often described by his classmates as arrogant, narcissistic and psychopathic, but he is also often extravagantly elegant, professional and charming. He is calm, patient as well as eloquent and plays mind games with some of the hostages. He is said to have a pathological need to make a good impression.

He has a sarcastic sense of humor, often making fun of his fellow crew members and hostages. Despite this, he greatly respects his fellow crew members and will do anything to save them, as shown in the ending of Part 2.

Berlin: the most controversial character of La casa di Carta