Big Brother 2022: Serious complaint for harassment of a participant

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Thus, in full live, the Twitter user @NotAdroll published a photo of Alpha in full gastronomic contest almost 9 years ago. So far, nothing unusual these days. But what did attract attention due to the seriousness of the message was the response of another user literally denouncing Walter Santiago of stalker.

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“I don’t know but he’s a psychopath! He harassed me for a couple of years and even called close people and family. The horror audios. I clarify I never gave him the opportunity for something to happen to me. I was a girl in 2017. I have proof. Disgusting that they give entity to people who are not well”was the very harsh message left by the user @ maripi_97.

In addition, along with her message, the complainant attached a screenshot of her cell phone, where several audios sent by this man can be seen, to which she replies “send me wp or give me your number. I’m in baires so let’s talk. I never did what I did with bad intentions. When I arrived I had a problem with my ex. And I got mad at you because you made my family paranoid there when you wrote to my partner of work”.

Being such a serious event, it is most likely that once Santiago leaves the game he will have to give some kind of explanation, if he has one.

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Big Brother 2022: The participant who “sent” Ricardo Fort and who was already in another reality show

Less than 12 hours after the start of the new edition of big brother 2022 on the Telefe screen, it has already begun to generate a stir of all kinds. Not only because of the 21.5 rating points that he averaged, sweeping the entire small screen, but because of the profiles of some of the participants.

Such is the case of the greatest of the little brothers, Walter Santiago, with 60 years. The man who calls himself Alpha, from minute one he showed himself with a strong personality. In fact, in the presentation she shot about coexistence: “As long as they don’t screw me I’m the best guy in the world”. Meanwhile, he assured “My strategy inside the house is the one I used all my life: do what I want, be the best and try to win”making clear his thirst for protagonism.

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Walter "Alpha" Santiago, participant of Big Brother 2022 (Telefe).

Walter “Alfa” Santiago, participant of Big Brother 2022 (Telefe).

At the same time, he defined himself as a leader, horny and very spiteful. “I have a good memory and I never forget anything”. “Why wouldn’t I go into the Big Brother house? In my life I always did what I wanted. I’m going to be the patriarch of the house”he declared self-confident.

Of course, his ease in front of the cameras drew attention. That’s why it wasn’t more than a couple of minutes since Alpha appeared on the screen big brother 2022 for Twitter users to discover that Walter I wasn’t a novice in front of the cameras. It turns out that he was one of the participants in the first edition of MasterChef Argentinaback in 2014, also on the channel of the little balls, as netizens made known through some photos that they easily found on the web.

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But that is not all. Because if we search a little more in the great web that is the internet, it also jumps quickly than in its times of bowling and a lot of night, Walter Santiago has been able to be close to Richard Fort. Dedicated to the purchase, sale and repair of collector cars, Alfa lived for 13 years in Miami, between 2001 and 2013. Perhaps from beyond the grave, the Commander sent his friend to somehow be present at the house. most famous in the country. There will be no shortage of anecdotes!

Big Brother 2022: Serious complaint for harassment of a participant