Black Phone: the director talks about the possibility of deepening the character of Ethan Hawke in a new film

Talking with Discussing FilmScott Derrickson, director of Black phonediscussed the possibility of making a prequel or sequel in which to delve deeper into the villain, the Raptor played by Ethan Hawke, of which we are not given much information in the film. When the interviewer tells him how many viewers have expressed an interest in knowing more about the character and the reason for his actions, asking him what he thinks, the director replies:

I think that’s a very good sign. They think so because he is so charming and [gli spettatori] they want to know more. It’s the same reason people watch true crime documentaries, because they want to know more, especially about serial killers. I’ve watched dozens of serial killer documentaries because I want to know more about them. What triggers these strange anomalies? What drives these monsters to do what they do? Of course, in many cases, there isn’t an answer. You can look at Richard Ramirez and say: “Yes, he was abused as a child, these things happened to him and so that’s where the violence comes from“. Perhaps? Certain? But many other children suffer the same kind of abuse and do not become sadistic homicidal maniacs. And then Jeffrey Dahmer had good parents and a normal education, so what’s the background that escapes us?

I think when it comes to sociopathy and actual psychopathic killers, part of what makes them interesting is their otherness and the fact that there’s no story that can explain the mystery of what they do. And I think the best villains we’ve seen in genre cinema don’t try to reduce them to a back story that explains why they are the way they are. Why is Heath Ledger’s Joker like this? He tells us three or four stories about how he got those scars and probably none of them are true. Maybe one of these is true? The point is, we’ll never know and that only adds to the mystery of him. If Hannibal Lecter had a story that says, “That’s why he became a cannibal and started eating people“, suddenly, Hannibal Lecter wouldn’t be so interesting anymore. So when people say they want more, well, I want them to want more. That’s the mystery of this kind of sadistic killer.

The director then spoke of his next projects, anticipating a very prolific period:

I can’t speak specifically about what I will be doing, but I can say that I have a number of things to do. I have two TV shows. I have a big event movie. I have another horror movie. I have a number of things that are all pretty close and ready to go. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do next, or in what order, but I have a lot of work lined up. I will definitely be busy in the next few years. There was a big gap between Doctor Strange and Black phoneand it won’t be like this anymore.

We remind you that in the meantime the director has confirmed that, in light of the success achieved by Black phone, discussions with the studio regarding a sequel are ongoing, which, however, we do not yet know what it could be focused on. Find all the information about the film in our tab.

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Black Phone: the director talks about the possibility of deepening the character of Ethan Hawke in a new film