Boris 4: the protagonists of the most loved cult series of all time arrive at the Rome Film Festival

The almost complete cast and Francesco Pannofino in connection from Prato, with the screenwriters and producer Lorenzo Mieli, illuminated the last day of the Rome Film Festival by presenting the first two episodes of the fourth season of Boris, on Disney + from 26 October .

Finally the wait, accompanied by a bit of inevitable fear, is about to end: on October 26th they will land on Disney + the new episodes of Borisfourth season of the beloved cult series created in 2007 by Mattia Torre, Giacomo Ciarrapico, Luca Vendruscolo and the manufacturer Lorenzo Mieli12 years after the third and 11 after Boris – The movie. Today all the protagonists of the extraordinary behind the scenes on the world of fiction of generalist TV, satire of the Italian art of cheating, of the wedding with dried figs and at the same time portrait of a country and a precarious generation, were on the stage of the Rome Film Festival at the Auditorium, welcomed byenthusiasm of an audience that also includes many young people, conquered by Boris right from its revival on streaming platforms, of which the new season makes a biting satire as usual, bringing the characters back to the screen in a changed context but with dynamics that we immediately recognize. In short, without anticipating anything we already know, we will be moved and have a great time once again: Boris is back, in better shape than ever, and while we’ve all gotten a little older, it doesn’t seem like a day has passed since we last saw our beloved heroes in action. This time we find them struggling with a serial version of the Life of Jesus, produced and starring Stanis and Corinna, married and also producers, for an American streaming platform. Along the way, to obtain the approval of the infamous “algorithm”, history will change a lot …

Lorenzo Mieli and the writers tell how they overcame the fear of a fourth season, deciding to put a hand, after so many years and two important losses, on a much loved series: “We had the desire to preserve that jewel of experience and therefore the desire not to leave again prevailed, despite an instinct that pushed us to the other side. Then things happened, also due to the fact that with the arrival of the platforms it was the phenomenon re-exploded for the new generations. Even the lack of Mattia meant that we wanted to do it with him and for him and therefore we gave in to this instinct “. Luca Vendruscolo explains the new context of the series: “Being a group of characters linked to reality, we could not have a solution like Simpson but in the meantime they must have inhabited this world, which over the years has radically changed. We had to reinvent the recipe, and it happened when we realized that Boris he could not avoid the task of talking about contemporary TV, very different from the generalist one of the past “. Giacomo Ciarrapico confirms: “The attempt was to change everything in order not to change anything. Alessandro for example here has a different role but basically remains a slave in another place, Corinna and Stanis are married but continue to hate each other intimately, it was a Gattopardesque solution “.

How difficult was it, emotionally, to work without Mattia Torre, a close friend of the screenwriters? Vendruscolo and Ciarrapico respond: “It seemed to us that Mattia was there, he was with us. After all, the three of us fooled around so much about Boris, between series and films, for a total of 22 and a half hours of product, we spent endless days messing around and therefore we had a three-headed instinct. Knowing him also as a close friend we imagined how he would do it, there was really the feeling of working in three “. The authors agree on the absolute freedom and lack of censorship in working for a platform that has allowed them to “making satire in the same container without being nice, but remaining scratchy as Boris it’s always been. They gave us maximum freedom and believed in the goodness of the criticism and satire we do “.” The intelligence of Disney – he adds Pannofino in connection with the Teatro Politeama di Prato – is to be made fun of at his house. There is irony, things that exist are exasperated, even if reality is always worse than fantasy. We are happy and we were all happy to shoot a fourth season of Boris, also made for those who are no longer there “.

Pietro Sermonti, that of the new series in the series, Life of Jesus, is precisely the protagonist and producer, explains Stanis’ fixation with the fact that “Benny Morris, who really exists, and the new Israeli historians claim that Jesus died at the age of 50” and adds “I had a lot of fun with the wig, it’s the funniest comic device I’ve ever had in my hand.” In the first episode at one point it is said that “hell is full of fourth seasons”. What convinced the writers to break this dangerous stumbling block? Luca Vendruscolo replies: “We had firmly closed with the third one, but I remembered when I was a sitcom user and in my opinion they did not have the right to finish, I was expecting a new season of my favorite sitcoms, sitcoms owe a lot to the public for me, series do not stop “. Antonio Catania returns as Lopez and talks about the change of setting: “As Luca said, television has changed, we started making fun of the generalist networks, then the immense offer arrived on the platforms and everyone said” ah in America and England how they do it well “, but often not they know how to do it, so we found ourselves making fun of those situations where things are done like this, as we do at Boris, or fucking dog “. Andrea Sartoretti returns in the role of one of the three overpaid but lazy screenwriters of the series: “I am happy that we continue to represent the worst of Italy, we have the potential of great talent but above all the spaghetti with clams in Fregene always wins at lunchtime on a weekday”.

Massimo Di Lorenzo also talks about a somewhat melancholy situation“due to the absence of Mattia and Roberta Fiorentini (paid homage in the first episode, ed). I want to quote a phrase from Pietro who says “his note was missing, the instrument within the orchestra”. And it makes a certain effect to see us all like this, aged “. Corrado Guzzanti back in the role of Mariano, he too, like the others, changed, but not necessarily for the better – not necessarily for the better – from the thunderstruck on the Rome – L’Aquila that we have known in the past. “I was very scared that they would send back Mariano, whom I had filed with Father Gabrielli whom you will not see, he is dead, I know very little about the story. Mariano is a world apart, I enjoyed being a successful psychopath, who could not miss in such a thing as the Life of Jesus. He claims that the real life of Jesus communes later, in Texas. He is a consultant with a significant role. ” Alessandro Tiberiwho from slave trainee becomes responsible for Italy of the American platform, says that it is “nice to take back after 15 years of a character that you cannot repeat anywhere, it was exciting”. Carolina Crescentini defines this fourth season: “A gift for us, there is a sort of little button that you push and we go back in the same way because we love these scoundrels”, while Caterina Guzzanti she rediscovered Boris even as a spectator: “During the quarantine I saw it all together and I got excited. I felt even more at home, our characters are boomers who struggle in front of news and technology, before they were the great masters of shit and now they have to deal with something new”.

Paolo Calabresi tried a “a sense of great tenderness, an infinite joy in returning to play as we had done. Biascica has not yet understood what a platform is, he thinks of a geometric figure, he goes haywire for things that cannot be done, I feel tenderness for the character and for these strange animals. On this occasion I also wanted to remember another who is no longer with us, Doctor Dog, Arnaldo Ninchia great theater actor who agreed to do it without ever being framed “. Carlo De Ruggieri his feud with Duccio and Biascica resumes in the new season: “I want to clarify that the merit of the photograph is not yours. I share the memory of Arnaldo Ninchi, who will be replaced by an entity. It was very nice to start over as if they were passed a few days and try again that incredible feeling “. Francesco Pannofino greets everyone with “a big hug to all my workmates. In the career of an actor it is difficult to have a character as beautiful as René Ferretti, I would like to hug you all and greet you but I will join you tomorrow for the meeting with the public”.

We will soon offer you ours interviews with the cast of Boris and if you have loved it you will be happy to find it again on Disney + the new episodes of a truly unprecedented series on the Italian scene. Appointment on October 26 with Boris 4!

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Boris 4: the protagonists of the most loved cult series of all time arrive at the Rome Film Festival