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Brad Pitt believes that his career is now nearing the end and is preparing to end it in the best possible way.

Brad Pitt and the imminent end of his career: “I’m in the last semester”

Brad Pitt’s career is one to frame.
A star capable of carrying the stigmata of the sex symbol ― with love stories capable of driving world gossip crazy, from that with Jennifer Aniston to marry Angelina Jolie – and, at the same time, to devote himself to perfecting a talent honed over years of commitment and passion. From the beardless boy who made Geena Davis lose his mind in Thelma & Louiseto the anarchist and psychopath Tyler Durden of Fight Clubup to the thief of Ocean’s Eleven and ‘larger than life’ stuntman Cliff Booth in Once upon a time in… Hollywood.
A career which, as he himself declares, may now be nearing its end. The US edition of GQ magazine dedicated the cover of the new issue to him and one long interview in which Pitt addresses his past, his relationship with cinema, his passions and his demons. In it, Pitt also talks about a not-so-distant retirement.

I consider myself at the end of my career, like it was my last quarter or semester. I keep wondering what this last stage will be like e how will I shape it to make it the way I want“.

A construction of the future that passes, for Pitt, from a careful reflection on the past.

“Here in California there is a lot of talk about being authentic. But understanding what it really means to be is something that obsessed me. From my point of view, it is about come to a point of awarenessin which accept those deep scars that everyone carries with them“.

Quentin Tarantino: ‘Pitt is one of the last great movie stars’

In the same article, there is also a commentary by Quentin Tarantinowhich Pitt directed in his homage to classic Hollywood titled Once upon a time in… Hollywood.
For Tarantino, there couldn’t have been a better choice to embody the spirit of a distant and mythical era of cinema like this one. From his point of view, in fact, Pitt belongs precisely to the group of stars who made Hollywood great. People of the caliber of Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Steve McQueen.

“He’s one of the last big movie stars and those like him are a species apart. And frankly, I can’t describe why it would be like trying to describe the light of the stars. I noticed it as we walked around Inglorious Basterds. When he was in the frame, it didn’t feel like I was looking at the scene through the camera lens, I felt like I was watching a movie. The mere presence of her in the frame had created that impression on me ”.

Back on the big screen soon Bullet train

Before retiring, we will see Pitt in the cinema in Bullet trainaction film directed by David LeitchPitt’s historic stunt double, in released on August 25th.

The story sees Pitt as a hired killer (Ladybug), on a mission on a bullet train through Japan, unaware that the object of his assignment – a mysterious briefcase – is being pursued by other professional assassins. The result will be an all-against-all battle to seize it.

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Brad Pitt end of career: “I’m in the last semester” • TAG24