Brain & Psycho n°146

In this number

In the Woody Allen movie The Jade Scorpion Spell, a fakir hypnotizes people during his shows and makes them steal jewels, without them remembering anything the next day. Lina doesn’t need to be hypnotized. One evening she writes an assignment for school, and the next day she finds the text all ready on her desk, without remembering to have written it. She did it under a different personality.

The phenomenon of psychic dissociation began with hypnosis and hysteria one hundred and fifty years ago; today it has taken on a new form with dissociative identity disorder, which can bring together dozens, even hundreds of personalities in the same individual. How ? This is revealed by the first brain imaging studies which reveal the neurons concerned. So have a good trip to the heart of the “dissociated” brain, to better understand also what makes the unity of our personality…



Sing against the long Covid

Months after the onset of the illness, long Covid patients still report intense pain and fatigue. Singing would be likely to relieve them significantly, according to a British study.

Guillaume Jacquemont


Why is God in heaven?

Our brain spontaneously associates what is good with what is above and evil with what is below. An implicit link measurable by specific tests, and which would have its roots in our distant evolutionary past…

Sebastien Bohler


Behavioral psychology

When numbers alter our memories

Just after witnessing a road accident, you are told that you will have to testify. But at that moment, an individual appears and asks you to draw a card for a lottery. Without knowing it, the number you will shoot will influence your memory of the speed of the vehicle during the accident…

Aglaé Navarre, André Didierjean and Cyril Thomas


How our brain simulates the world

Contrary to what has long been assumed, the brain does not forge its representation of the world by passively receiving stimuli which are imprinted in its neurons. It produces spontaneous, incessant neural activities, which are compared to the reality around it, and which validate or not a model of the latter.

Gyorgy Buzsaki

Everyday life


The science of niac

More than talent or intelligence, the key to success would be… niaque. But what exactly do we mean by that? The first measurement tools are emerging, as well as development programs focused on this quality.

Patricia Thivissen

school of brains

Regulate your emotions to progress

Anguish, anger, excitement… When emotions get carried away, the student can lose his concentration and fail. The parade ? Develop what is called the automatic regulation of emotions, which allows you to dedicate yourself entirely to the task requested.

Jean-Philippe Lachaux

question of the month

Are the mentally ill dangerous?

It is often believed that people with a mental disorder, such as schizophrenia, are dangerous. But it’s not all that simple… Properly detected and taken care of, they have almost no more risk than the general population of being violent.

Marc Allroggen


35°C, sleep of neurons

It’s a sudden drop in temperature that seems to cause our brains to sleep. This slight hypothermia would be necessary to repair the damage suffered by the neurons during the day. But in order to be able to work, it must put our consciousness on pause…

Frank Luerweg

Brain & Psycho n°146 – September 2022 – Multiple personalities