But what party is Mrs. Comptroller?

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By: Luis Ramírez Baqueiro

“Behavior is a mirror in which each one shows his image.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Wow, in the 4T some are not lost, but lost.

While some celebrate the madriza that meant a massive demonstration in defense of the National Electoral Institute (INE), and try to measure forces with another mega-march, others simply celebrate the indefensible.

That is the case of the still Comptroller General of the State, Mercedes Santoyo Domínguez, who in a well-known television program recognized the openness and determination of the heads of the dependencies that request the review of cases of sexual abuse and harassment, as made the Secretary of Finance, José Luis Lima Franco.

And the question of the 64 thousand pesos, when will you apply these investigations to the Secretary of Government? Or is it that, perhaps there is no one being investigated?

We remind Mrs. Santoyo that in this same space since last December 2021 we reported the serious cases of protection for psychopaths and rapists.

Just to refresh your memory we will reproduce part of that installment. To be precise on December 17, 2021, we note:

“When on November 22, at the start of the appearances, the PRI parliamentary coordinator, Anilú Ingram, delivered an information sheet with the details of a case of sexual and labor harassment at the unit of the native of Otatitlán, the issue was setting a precedent. from which state officials will not be able to escape.

“And it turns out that the walls of the Government Palace have voices and eyes, which keep everything in memory, keeping records of actions that violate the principles and moral criteria that a modern society cannot, nor should tolerate, nor allow .”

“In this way, it has been possible to find out that one of those cases corresponds to a high official of the Secretary of Government, who adds to the long list that this agency has for the protection of harassers and rapists of women.”

“Thus the case of Jorge Chavéz, powerful private secretary of the second in the scale of responsibilities of the State Government, which is pointed out by working women who, terrified and horrified by this subject, ask to reserve their identities.”

“The same Chavéz who was the Private Secretary of the re-elected mayor Ricardo Ahued Bardahuil who had to fire him when he found out about the kind of psychopath he had in his office.”

“The same one who, by being together with the powerful native of Otatitlán, obtained for his mother Bertha Inés Chávez Méndez a magistracy in the Judiciary.”

“Well, it turns out that this little guy, because how else could he be described, has undertaken it with how many young women pass through his offices.”

“Like a prisoner in confinement and without the right to visit or deal with any woman, the guy acts in an extremely violent and barbarian way when trying to touch a well-known official with his filthy male member, who, surprised, did not believe the marranada of this stupid.”

“Well, it turns out more details, less details, that the subject made the official go into his office to hold a work agreement that would allow him to bring information to the same protector of rapists, to his surprise when he turned his back and sat in the chair, he He noticed how the disastrous character placed the piece of meat from his sex on his shoulder.”

“How could she left the place, enraged and with a panic attack at the threat of the wretch to attack her, if the information was disseminated.”

“It is the same subject that a few months ago, had an abortion to a young woman with whom he had relations, who to her horror discovered a diary in which the disastrous subject describes the reasons why he forced her to abort, pointing out as expected that in her sick mind described, which made him aware that the young woman did not give him the sexual enjoyment that other poor women did.”

“Horrified, the poor young woman denounced the facts, without anything or anyone doing anything.”

“The consummate infamy was added to a very long list of actions that show the kind of characters that surround the chubby Secretary of Government, even pointed out that he had taken a partner from his own father, to father a daughter with her, and later go into exile. of Veracruz, and merged in Baja California Sur where it is affirmed that it continues its other history.”

“But just as the Secretary of Government protects himself between criminals and bandits, Eric Cisneros continues to protect rapists and stalkers.”

“The same journalists from Veracruz have documented the cases of officials accused of harassment.”

“The two most notorious have been that of the director of Municipal Development, Rafael Alejandro Castillo Zugasti, accused by the mother of a minor of having abandoned him and left him to his fate.

“This same character was accused of harassment and attempted rape by young people after his time in the National Agrarian Registry (RAN) where, incredible as it may seem, nothing happened, since he was protected by Javier Duarte and Gina Domínguez Colio himself, whom he served carrying garbage bags full of millions of pesos extracted from SEFIPLAN.”

“The other character Fernando Quirarte Vargas, former head of the Directorate of the Interior and upon learning of the complaints, was changed to the Coordination of the Improvement Board, in SEGOB to evade the accusations that the assaulted women manifested, without that at the moment they advance their investigations.”

“The complaints against these filthy characters are still stuck in the FGE itself, sleeping the sleep of the unjust, as the Veracruz press itself has denounced, without anything or anyone doing anything to punish them.

At the time we pointed out that “in the midst of the gloss of the Third Work Report of García Jiménez himself, his Secretary of Health, Roberto Ramos Alor, whoever came out to tell the media that cover the source, that “no chile, fits them “When he responded to questions from the critical press.”

That same subject had the audacity to snap at the PRI Legislative Coordinator deputy, Anilú Ingram Vallines, evidencing that those who call themselves defenders of women, exercise political violence based on gender, worth exhibiting it in Congress itself. of the State.

The official in question left the unit due to the lousy work carried out at the head of the Ministry of Health, without any sanction being imposed on his crude and ordinary responses, which were multi-signaled.

But it is more painful that whoever is in charge of the State Comptroller General (CGE) being a woman does not demand that the Secretary of Government, Eric Cisneros, respond in writing to the information card that Ingram Vallines herself gave him since last November 22 of the 2021, where at least one of the cases described here is reported.

Our great doubt is that the Comptroller celebrates, that this lady celebrates, who evidently has not been subjected to the unscrupulous pressure of true psychopaths and louts with a tray.

to time.


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But what party is Mrs. Comptroller?