Canibal de Atizapán: what time and where to see the series TODAY

In May 2021, the police of the Mexico state arrested a 72-year-old man. his name is Andrés Filomeno Mendoza Celiswho for the authorities was the person who murdered a woman with a knife, whose body was hidden in his house, in the municipality of Atizapan of Zaragoza.

However, investigations into the case revealed that the man was allegedly related to more victims, whom he would have killed. and whose remains would have hidden in the same building. Given such facts, Andrew Philomeno He was admitted to the Barrientos prison, in the municipality of Tlalnepantla. The news shook society and the man was nicknamed the serial feminicide of Atizapán.

The 14th of that month was a key day. Police reports indicated that at approximately 12:00 p.m., a woman entered the home of Andrés Filomeno, located at 22 Margaritas street, Lomas de San Miguel neighborhood. After staying for about an hour inside the property, she told the man that she no longer wanted to have any kind of sentimental relationship with him, who upon hearing this, took a knife and buried it in her chest. Later, He put his remains in plastic bags..

Police from the municipality of Atizapán arrived at the house around 8:00 p.m. to interview Andrés Filomeno Mendoza Celis, who allowed them access. Inside, the police found the human remains of a woman’s body on a table and at that moment he was arrested.

Andrés could have been arrested by mere chance. Witnesses assured that it was not intelligence work by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico who managed to investigate him, but it was the husband of his last victim, Reyna ‘N’, who discovered it and achieved his apprehension.

On Friday, May 14, when Reyna visited Andrés Filomeno’s home, noticing his absence, the woman’s husband went to the man’s home but he refused to open the door for her. However, 24 hours later and not hearing from Reyna, the woman’s husband decided to return. This time the femicide was he who opened. The men struggled until Reyna’s husband managed to enter the home, where he found the severed remains of his wife on a table. Without knowing it, he also discovered the femicide of more women.

Four days later, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico reported that after the arrest of the man, the proceedings would continue at his home, since he wasI suspected that he may have been a participant in the possible murder of more women.

On May 19, during an investigation, various skeletal remains were found in the house of Andrés Filomeno Mendoza Celis, as well as voter credentials, women’s clothing, footwear, and bags, as well as other evidence such as notebooks with various names of possible victims, cassettes video and makeup. After a search carried out at the home, more than 4,300 skeletal remains were located corresponding to 19 different bodies, of which six victims have been identified.

Edomex Prosecutor’s Office achieves conviction

On March 16 of this year, the FProsecutor Specialized in Feminicides of the State of Mexico managed to obtain a conviction against Andrés Filomeno Mendoza Celis for the crime of femicide.

Two days later, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the femicide of a person committed in a building of Atizapan of Zaragozawhere his remains were found.

After a hearing in the Criminal Courts of Tenango del Vallethe judicial authority determined to issue the sentence, after being found guilty of the crime that occurred in May 2021.

During the hearing, Andrés Filomeno remained silent during the allegations; When asked if he agreed with the sentence, he answered yes. In addition to the prison sentence, this man must pay 448,100 pesos as a fine and 1,344,000 pesos as reparation for the damage; about the fine, in case of not paying it, you will have to do five thousand days of community work.

It is known that from 2013 until the administration of former mayor Ana Balderas, the Atizapán serial feminicide collaborated with the municipal government as president of the Citizen Participation Council (Copaci) of the Lomas de San Miguel neighborhood. As a member of this auxiliary council of the local government, she remained for more than 15 years, reported the municipal police.

Atizpán’s serial femicide caused an echo not only in society, but even the judicial authorities turned to see that the case of Andrés Filomeno Mendoza Celis is a warning sign and such a crime will be dimensioned in a documentary.

Cannibal, total outrage

Arturo Zaldívar, Minister President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) announced in his column today’s rights, published in MILENIO last June 21that “to raise awareness about femicides in Mexico and call for urgent action to combat this scourge, the supreme court has produced a documentary series that recounts the case of the Atizapán cannibal, perhaps the greatest serial femicide in the history of our country.”

“The story is disturbing, but it is only the starting point to reflect on the reasons why this man was able to perpetrate femicides for decades without being denounced; without anyone ever looking for the women who disappeared in the community; without, today, dozens of families being able to know if their daughters died at the hands of this man, ”said the minister in his text.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation reported that it produced and will broadcast the documentary Caníbal, indignación total, in a five part series about the great tragedy of femicides in Mexico.

According to the country’s highest court, “the series has as its common thread the case of the largest serial feminicide in Mexico who was killing women for 31 years without anything happening.”

The documentary can be seen, from June 27, at 10:00 at night, by JusticeTVthe Channel 2 and other public channels.

“Cannibal exposes an atrocious reality: that of a psychopath who killed women for years in front of the eyes of an entire community, but even worse, it exhibits the reality of impunity, disdain and negligence of justice systems; the reality of an indolent society that is unfazed by systematic violence against women; the indifference of a society for which poor women are invisible, practically disposable”, expressed the minister in his column published in this publishing house.


Canibal de Atizapán: what time and where to see the series TODAY