Carlos Vílchez denies that he will leave ‘JB on ATV’ and Magaly Medina denies it: “Professional liar”

Composition: Infobae Peru.

In the last edition of the program ‘Magaly Tv La Firme’, the host reaffirmed that the comedian Carlos Vilchez, who is considered one of the main stars of the show “JB on ATVs”, He will leave the space led by comedian Jorge Benavides to lead a new program on América Televisión.

As mentioned Magaly Medina, the artist will be part of a new channel 4 production that will replace the program ‘En Boca de Todos’ in the medium. In addition, the actor would be accompanying the well-known Maria Pia Copello.

It is worth mentioning that this information was revealed by the popular “Urraca” for the first time in her program on Tuesday, November 8, when she had comedian Alfredo Benavides and therapist Tomás Angulo on set, with whom she talked about the scandal starring the singer Deyvis Orosco, who was captured days ago in a sauna that offers services “with happy endings”.

At one point in the conversation, Benavides reminded Angulo of a show he starred in with Carlos Vilchez. It was at that moment that the host of the entertainment space took the opportunity to announce the departure of the actor from “JB on ATV”.

“The one who goes to another channel. He is going to America, ”he said in the first seconds. Subsequently, Magaly reaffirmed her argument. “Carlos Vílchez is going to América televisión and Tomás Angulo (to ATV) is coming”.

According to Medina, the format that Vílchez and Copello would lead would be a family magazine that would replace the “En boca de todos” program. The new space would only go on the air in the 2023.

The actor who gives life to the ‘Charlotte’, character that he would play in the new show, has already been part of America TV in the past when he joined the program “Lima lemon” next to the presenter Laura Huarcayo. Later, both moved to Latina to work together on “Bienvenida la tarde”.

The “urracos” of “Magaly Tv La Firme” sought the comedian’s statements after they found out that he had already talked with his bosses about leaving the humorous program because he received an offer from América Televisión.

When asked to make the information official, Carlos Vilchez denied that it is true and stated that he would continue working at ATV as long as his contract is renewed next year.

“Nothing to do (He will not leave ATV) I feel comfortable, I am calm (with the ‘JB en Atv’ program) If I were uncomfortable, rest assured that I would not work in an uncomfortable place,” Vílchez replied for the Magaly program Medina.

However, the journalist called him a “liar.” “What amazes me is that we, having the courtesy to ask him if it is true for him to confirm it because we already had confirmation, we ask him and he says NO. Professional liars are some”he pointed.

After the last episode of the program “En boca de todos” broadcast on October 28, the América Televisión channel decided to put the famous soap opera “Rubí” back on the air at the same time that the family magazine had for 5 uninterrupted years.


Carlos Vílchez denies that he will leave ‘JB on ATV’ and Magaly Medina denies it: “Professional liar”