Conspiracy theorists and climate denialism: the case of Greenland

Denying climate change is very fashionable among no vax.

They believe that Donald Trump is the last bastion in the face of an elite of Satanists who kidnap children, but they deny the climate change. It’s always them, i conspirators who in recent months have joined the rhetoric no vax and who obviously embrace the theories that climate science is yet another global scam. After all, the signature is always the same: the W circled in red, more and more widespread also in Italy. And this time, to deny climate change, they take the example of Greenland. Here is such a post:

In the post on Instagram, we talk about the temperature of the Greenland which, according to climate deniers, would never have been lower in the last eight thousand years. Climate change and global warming would be “a scam to reduce us to the end, kill us and take away our rights and freedoms, to impose on us the worst dictatorship ever“. Also, deniers cite as a scientific reference Antonino Zichichi, nuclear physicist very skeptical about climate change and man’s impact on the climate. A great scientist, but not a climatologist.

Climate deniers and Greenland

In the infographic, referring to the temperature measured in the center of the ice core of the Greenland, a ‘small’ detail is not specified: the measurements are not updated. The same graph has been circulating on the web since 2010 and, as Carbon-Brief also explains, the latest data refers to the beginning of the 1900s. Again according to Carbon-Brief, which shows the latest available data (2018), the temperature was actually lower than 8,000 years ago. But it is certainly not the lowest ever. And there is also a rapid rise since 1880, when the industrial revolution had not shown its effects on the climate as it does today.

Deniers: ‘Global warming is an invention’

The temperature of the ice core of the Greenland it allows us to understand the climatic and meteorological phenomena of thousands of years ago, but does not provide a precise picture of the current situation. The only way to understand this is to take the average air temperature, as Open also points out. The most updated data, in fact, let us know that June 2022 was the third warmest ever globally. Despite the drought (another argument denied by many), the rise in sea levels, heat waves and other increasingly strong and extreme phenomena, for the deniers the global warming it is an invention. All while over 99% of the scientific community, IPCC in primis, claims that it is precisely human beings who change the climate.

The climate deniers and Antonino Zichichi

The (scientific) idol of climate deniers is Antonino Zichichinuclear physicist who said in 2019: “Global warming depends only 5% on human activity and 95% on natural phenomena linked to the Sun“. A reference to Milankovic’s theory of orbital cycles, very popular among deniers but also denied by NASA. In reality, movements account for only 2% of global warming.
Zichichi, in 2017, had also called climate scientists “charlatans”. He also launched a petition against those who support the anthropogenesis of climate change. However, Zichichi’s theories on the climate have been denied several times by various groups of scientists around the world.

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