Dahmer: Netflix releases a chilling trailer for the cannibal killer series

The new series of ryan murphy for netflix, Dahmerdevoted to the true story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, is revealed in its first trailer.

Ryan Murphy and Netflix share the same love story: that of sordid crimes and killers. After designing and producing American Horror Story, American Crime Story or RatchedRyan Murphy now tackles the life of one of the most atrocious criminals in the history of the United States : the cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. Obviously, this new series will find its place on the catalog of Netflix, which shines with its anthology of fictitious or real psychopaths among its many programs (look at all the incredible mindhunter hell, we can have season 3!).

Will therefore be added to, among others, Ted Bundy: Self-Portrait of a Killer Where John Wayne Gacy: Self-Portrait of a Killer, this time a chilling new self-portrait, with Dahmer. On the menu: an artistic direction of a tasty glaucous, such as Ryan Murphy gave us the habit, and a cast with small onions, including Evan Peters (Quicksilver in the films X-Men) as the interpreter of the cannibal. To make our mouths water, a first trailer has just dropped.

Fitting in with its most obvious influences, the trailer for Ryan Murphy’s new series reminds us of the Zodiac or mindhunterespousing however here the point of view of the killer. This also brings us closer to a Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, where Zac Efron had known how to invest the features of the famous and terrifying Ted Bundy. Evan Peters also seems perfectly comfortable, from what we are given to see, in the skin of the no less disturbing Jeffrey Dahmer. He succeeds in the role to Jeremy Renner, interpreter of the character in Dahmer, the cannibalin 2006.

Molly Ringwald, Richard Jenkins or Niecy Nash will accompany Evan Peters in a terrifying catabase, even in the worst torments. The series should notably return to the way in which Jeffrey Dahmer persecuted his victims without being arrested by an apathetic police. Inspired by chilling facts, as the trailer states, Dahmer should condense the whole story into a single season, and mark the most sensitive or passionate minds of this kind of story.

POV: you are on the menu

And Dahmer will arrive especially extremely quickly, to everyone’s surprise, since Netflix has unveiled its online date : next September 21, so in a few days on the platform at N red. Good news for those who were waiting for it or even for those who had absolutely not heard of it and who will be able to immerse themselves in Ryan Murphy’s new find to get shivers. Between Emily in Paris and Dahmerhow lucky that there is so much to draw from the worst of humanity to be able to feed the Netflix catalog and give it even more charm.

Dahmer: Netflix releases a chilling trailer for the cannibal killer series