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Deadly ties (also known as More dense than water) is the film proposed tonight – Saturday 9 July 2022 – in the prime time of Rai 2. It is a thriller film, directed by Caroline Labrèche and with Andrea Roth, Eric Osborne, Tygh Runyan and Katie Douglas in the lead roles. At the center of the story, a family destroyed by the loss of a child who welcomes a young man with bad intentions into their home …

The appointment with the film is scheduled for today at 21.20 on the second Rai network and live streaming on RaiPlay: Here are the things to know about the plot, the cast and the ending of the film.

Deadly ties, the plot

It’s been a year since Paige and Nathan tragically saw their teenage son Zach die from an overdose. Meanwhile, Nathan and daughter Addie have slowly put their lives back on their feet; Paige, on the other hand, is still consumed with grief and lives in perennial mourning, unable even to work. In order to supplement the woman’s loss of income, the family decides to rent the guest room. They immediately find a young tenant, Brandon Wilson.

Mortal ties: plot, cast and trailer of the film today on Rai 2

Surprisingly, Paige starts coming out of her shell thanks to their host. An off-site student at the local university, Brandon looks and behaves like poor Zach, and his presence in his house makes Paige want to live again. At first, Nathan and Addie are thrilled to see the woman finally behave normally, but soon they get to know Brandon’s darker and more dangerous side. Will a family in crisis be able to remain united in the face of what – day after day – will prove to be a true genius of evil?

Deadly Bonds: Final Explanation of the Movie (SPOILER)

To get into Paige and Nathan’s life, Brandon lied about everything. His real name is Chris and he didn’t grow up without parents: his family died a few years earlier in a fire he started. After discovering some of her lies, Addie convinces her father to let the boy leave the room, who obviously doesn’t take it well. Brandon / Chris then puts bees in Nathan’s car (allergic to their sting) causing him a serious accident.

While the man is in the hospital in serious condition, the psychopath takes Addie hostage and, after dousing her with gasoline, threatens to set her on fire. Just then Paige enters the house, trying to buy time by subtly distracting him. Brandon / Chris confesses that he organized everything to be part of their family: she admits to killing her parents and also her Zack, with the aim of replacing him in her life. Paige tries to calm Brandon and hugs him long enough for Addie to escape. A fight then breaks out between them, but as she is about to set Addie on fire, Paige throws flammable liquid on the boy, burning him alive.

The card: cast, year, duration

  • Original title: Thicker than water
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Year: 2019
  • Country: USA
  • Director: Danny Buday
  • Cast: Andrea Roth, Eric Osborne, Tygh Runyan

The movie trailer

Deadly Bonds | Rai film 2 | final explanation | plot | cast • IMTV