Deftones: Essential Songbook for May 28, 29 and 30

By Salvador J. Leiva

Next week, a party will be unleashed for every fan of Deftones: With three concerts in a row at the Teatro Coliseo, the Sacramento quintet will come to say goodbye to the cycle of their latest album Gore, to then focus on their next studio album.

In a short tour that will begin next Thursday the 24th in Colombia and will end in Argentina on June 1st, those of Chino Moreno and company will offer not one or two, but three concerts with all their tickets sold out in Chile, adding with these early visits a not inconsiderable number of 10 concerts given on national soil since the first and controversial concert of the year 2001 held in the former Chile Stadium.

As a method of celebrating the trio of concerts that are to come, through Canchageneral we will break down each Deftones album, its outstanding songs and those that could be heard on May 28, 29 or 30.

Adrenaline (1995)

From the Deftones’ debut – when they were still a quartet and DJ and keyboardist Frank Delgado was not yet a permanent member – come a trio of songs that are regulars at their concerts: these are ‘Engine No. 9’, ‘bored’ that starts the disc, and the traditional ‘7 Words’ which is usually performed almost always at the end of their concerts. It would be a pleasant surprise if it were dropped ‘Minus Blindfold’which was played often last year or to a lesser extent ‘Lifter’ either rootwhich was only executed once in 2017.

Around the Fur (1997)

Within Deftones’ second LP, and the one that fights the traditional the most ‘White Pony’ In terms of favoritism among fans, there are two that are totally inevitable in their shows: ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’ Y ‘Be Quiet and Drive (So Far Away)’ that have the category of being immovable in a regular Deftones setlist. the chaotic ‘Headup’ appears as a regular in the repertoire, plus an occasional ‘There was’ and a less recurring ‘Around the Fur’.

White Pony (2000)

Due to its popularity, the third album by those from Sacramento is the one that is played the most at their concerts, since they have constant gems on their live list such as the iconic ‘Change(In the House of Flies)’, ‘Digital Bath’ either ‘Back to School’. Some that can also appear in the setlist are the consistent ‘Elite’ Y ‘Knife Party’and less likely ‘Korea’, ‘Passenger’ either ‘Feiticera’. It’s a total pity that ‘teenager’ either ‘RX Queen’ may not feature on the setlist that Deftones performed last year, but on one of those, something unexpected could happen on any of the three dates.

Deftones (2003)

The self-titled self-continuing album will probably be the least we’ll hear from Deftones on their next coming. In 2017, the quintet performed in an occasional measure the melodious ‘Minerva’ and rarely the furious ‘Hexagram’, so the chances of hearing more of the fourth LP are somewhat low. If the opposite happens, it would be excellent if you were heard ‘Good Morning Beautiful’, ‘When Girls Telephone Boys’ either ‘Deathblow’.

Saturday Night Wrist (2006)

Deftones’ fifth album is not very loved by the band, as it represents a somewhat dark period for the band, as internal conflicts and the fact that each member worked separately and individually in the recording sessions almost made that the band came to an end, so they have barely played three songs from this LP in the last two years of concerts. If there were any possible Kimdracula and to a lesser extent ‘Riviere’ they would be two of the few ambassadors of that collection of songs from 2006, and it would be almost a miracle that they could touch jewels like ‘Be aware’, ‘Cherry Waves’ either ‘Rapture’.

Diamond Eyes (2010)

The album that brought new airs to Deftones due to the incorporation of a new bass player after Chi Cheng’s accident -which would later mean his death- plus the reconciliation of all the members would achieve a very focused album and quite appreciated by the fans. Diamond eyes have to ‘Rocket Skates’the same homonymous theme and You’ve Seen the Butcher’ What habitué in the most recent setlist of those from Sacramento. The notable ones are not ruled out either ‘Sextape’, ‘Royal’ either ‘Prince’.

Koi no Yokan (2013)

According to many, the seventh chapter in the history of Deftones was meant to break out of its creative ceiling and reach levels of musical quality close to its debut. ‘White Pony’. Unexpected for many, the album with a Japanese legend exceeded the expectations of Moors and Christians, delivering notable pieces such as ‘Swerve City’, ‘Tempest’ either ‘Rosemary’who are precisely the trio of favorites on this album when it comes to putting together a new setlist.

Gore (2016)

The latest Deftones album may not have much prominence next week, although it is expected to drop at least a couple of pieces, as the most played last year ‘Phantom Bride’ or round the one that is called the same as the LP. Either way, it would be a pleasure to hear. ‘Doomed User’ either ‘Prayers/Triangles’two songs that are among the best of the most recent album of the North American quintet.

Deftones: Essential Songbook for May 28, 29 and 30