Demolition Man: what improbable difficulties did Wesley Snipes encounter during filming?

On the occasion of the broadcast of the film Demolition Man on Sunday September 4, 2022, from 9:05 p.m. on TF1 series films, Télé Star explains why Wesley Snipes encountered some difficulties on the set of this feature film.

Released in cinemas in 1993, the action movie Demolition Manworn by Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipeswill be rebroadcast on Sunday, September 4, 2022, from 9:05 p.m. on the channel TF1 film series. Directed by Marco Brambillathis feature film began in Los Angeles in 1996. Simon Phoenix, a psychopath embodied by Wesley Snipes, is tracked down by the police. He seized about thirty hostages before taking refuge in a hideout full of weapons and explosives. Police Sergeant John Spartan, interpreted by Sylvester Stallone, decides to take action. Nicknamed Demolition Man, due to his hasty methods, he manages to break into Phoenix’s lair.

The latter refuses to surrender and triggers a tremendous explosion during which the 30 hostages are killed. John Spartan is charged with reckless homicide, before being sentenced to a long term of hibernation and re-education at the California cryo-penitentiary, just like simon phoenix. In 2032, society is now non-violent, with the last murder dating back to September 25, 2010. Simon Phoenix is ​​thawed out earlier than expected and, proving to be in no way cured of his aggressive impulses, manages to escape from the cryo-prison after killing several people. The police, no longer knowing how to deal with such criminals, decides to resort to a policeman more experienced in the matter: John Spartan.

Demolition Man: Wesley Snipes hated his mythical blonde dye

For the record, Wesley Snipes is a black belt in karate in real life. During the filming of certain scenes, his kicks and punches were so powerful that they blurred the camera. Director Marco Brambilla then asked him to look more hesitant and awkward. This is the reason why he sometimes looks quite bumbling on screen. In addition, the actor hated his blonde dye and shaved his head as soon as the filming of Demolition Man. It will then be necessary to wait 21 years for Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes to share the poster of a feature film againwhen the second joined the cast of the 3rd part of the saga Expendables.

Demolition Man: what improbable difficulties did Wesley Snipes encounter during filming?