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Before Dexter Morgan appeared on our screens in 2006, it was hard to think of a lovable serial killer. Set in the seedy, neon-lit streets of Miami, Dexter was a show that set a new bar for the serial killer genre, as well as an endearing yet dangerous antihero. Michael C. Hall’s iconic interior monologue describing his “Dark Passenger” propelled the show and gave audiences insight into the inner workings of a sociopath.

The show was a big hit, however, its final season angered audiences with its completely unexpected ending (Dexter becoming a lumberjack didn’t sit well with his fans at all). Since its 2013 finale, the showrunners have announced that they will be filming a new and final season for the series starting in 2021. Serial Killer.

Updated November 11, 2022 by Kevin Pantoja: After disappointing fans with its final season, Dexter returned with the sequel series New Blood in 2021. Although reviews were somewhat mixed at the end, many fans felt it was an improvement on the original series. However it ended, the series’ writing remained strong throughout, with iconic and popular characters delivering memorable and excellent lines from start to finish.

“Dexter, you’ve been working so many hours lately. »

Rita doesn’t realize how right she is

Rita, Dexter’s clueless and unfailingly sweet girlfriend/wife was oddly right when she said those words to Dexter. She had no idea through her relationship that she was in love with a serial killer, but she met a shocking end at the hands of the terrifying Trinity Killer.

Fans never found out if he leaked Dexter’s secret night missions (i.e. his killer hours) before he killed her, but one can’t help but wonder if she was any more insightful. than fans thought.

“There are many ways to stop the heart. »

Dexter’s favorite cuts the Arota

Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” was rooted in evil and had a perpetual urge to kill, but he also had the best sense of humor. Clever, subtle, and on-the-nose, the show’s writers made Michael C. Hall’s voiceover not only welcome but extremely enjoyable.

As a blood splatter analyst, Dexter had the anatomical know-how to kill a person quietly and efficiently, or with splatter and fun – any way he pleased. Cutting an aorta was a favorite, clearly.

“Pressure is F***ing Redonkulous. »

A classic Masuka line

Audiences either loved or hated Dexter’s lab mate Vince Masuka, who had the rare talent of turning any conversation into a wicked, innuendo-laden conversation. Masuka’s interactions with Debra were particularly funny and kept things light in an otherwise dark show.

Masuka certainly had some hilarious (and inappropriate) dialogue throughout the series, but “redonkulous” became his most familiar catchphrase that fans adopted very quickly.

“Do I see plastic sheets in your future? »

Dexter’s thoughts can be menacing

The world’s favorite serial killer had a strict moral code for his murderous tendencies he developed with Harry, but he also had to stay meticulously clean and physically careful to avoid detection by the police forces he worked with.

This led to the creation of “killing rooms” filled with Dexter’s plastic sheets and tons of cling film to keep his victims tidy. Therefore, when he saw someone who could potentially break into his code, he humorously wondered if they had plastic sheets in the near future.

“My psycho killer fiancé? Please, I’ve had worse. At least he paid for my meals. »

Deb’s love life isn’t great

There’s no doubt that Debra Morgan’s dating history was messy from the start. In Season 1 of the show, fans saw her attracted to Rudy Cooper, aka Brian Moser, Dexter’s real (and equally murderous) brother. Their relationship went from zero to a hundred with Rudy proposing to her, and immediately trying to kill her right after that.

Being engaged to Ice Truck Killer was not only dangerous but also traumatic for Deb and fans saw her deal with this using humor and sarcasm throughout Season 2.

“You are what makes me real. »

Dexter’s proposal to Rita

Fans were repeatedly told by Dexter’s inner monologue that he was unable to experience feelings during the show’s first two seasons. He didn’t understand human emotion, attraction and had a hard time blending in and looking “normal”, even though some characters did.

However, he realized during seasons 3 and 4 that he was more than capable of feeling a certain type of love, which he felt for Rita and her children. This led to him making the most heartwarming and honest proposal to Rita, making fans fall in love with the killer just a little more.

“A fucking Roly-Poly, a chubby-cheeked shit machine?” ! »

A Perfect Deb Reaction

If Debra was known for anything, it was her colorful language and interesting descriptions of most people and things. She rarely filtered her thoughts or words, and when Dexter broke the news of her and Rita’s pregnancy, Debra reacted in the most Debra-esque way.

She also turned out to be a fabulous aunt to little Harrison. It’s safe to say Debra’s reaction was probably up there with the best reactions to baby-related news anywhere in the world.

“But knowing what to say when my girlfriend doesn’t feel safe…I’m totally lost. »

Dexter doesn’t do feelings well

Dexter’s struggles were never normal. After watching his mother get killed, he developed sociopathic tendencies that made it difficult for him to react “normally” to human situations.

He could murder someone and get rid of them in his sleep, but when Rita feels insecure about their relationship during a double date with Deb and her then-boyfriend Sean, Dexter doesn’t know. not how to comfort his sad girlfriend.

“Jesus Christ, Morgan. God damn you’re the butcher of Bay Harbor! »

Sergeant Doakes was one of the few characters to see through Dexter’s “guy next door” act. Whether it’s his keen instincts or just a prejudice against mild-mannered lab technology, he’s always been hostile to the secret killer.

However, even Doakes didn’t realize just how depraved Dexter truly was, until Season 2 of the show. He knew deep down that something was wrong with Dexter, but never in his wildest dreams had he thought he was a killer, let alone the Bay Harbor Butcher. It was oddly enjoyable for fans to watch the sergeant struggle as this realization dawned on him.

“Tonight is evening. »

The most famous line

You’d think hearing the same line over and over again would tire fans out, but the recurrence of those three simple words meant so much more to Dexter and the audience, too.

The vigilante killer said those words when deciding who his next target would be, and die-hard fans of the show can’t wait to hear that iconic line again when Dexter reboots!

“Hello, Dexter Morgan. »

Arthur Mitchell finds Dexter

Although Dexter has faced some heinous villains in his time, most fans agree that the Trinity Killer is the worst. Dexter wasted time trying to learn how Arthur Mitchell balanced his two lives and it cost him dearly in the end.

At the end of the penultimate episode of Season 4, Mitchell entered the Miami subway and introduced himself to Dexter, letting him know he had found who he really was. It was a chilling scene and a memorable line, punctuated by the fact that it led to Rita’s tragic demise.

“But I finally have to accept that I will always be alone. »

Dexter’s Sad Achievement

Dexter’s “dark passenger” makes his life something that can’t really be shared. He spends much of the series trying to have a life outside of his desire to kill, whether that means his bond with his sister or his romantic relationships.

But in the end, it always ends badly. Rita was brutally murdered, Deb died in front of him, and he abandoned his son to be safe with Hannah while he went off to live on his own. Dexter came to understand that he was basically meant to be alone.

“I would give anything not to feel anything anymore. »

Dexter is better without feelings

As noted, Dexter was often focused on his life away from his “dark passenger”. It involved him trying to have relationships and it meant he had to get emotional, which didn’t come naturally to him.

Even though Dexter really enjoyed having Hannah, Rita, Harrison, Deb, and others in his life, it never felt natural. That’s why that line about wishing he couldn’t feel anything rings so true to him. Not feeling things made her life easier.

“Shit a brick and fuck me with it. »

The deb still as eloquent

You could fill an entire book with some of the nonsensical phrases Deb came up with. Not only were they wacky, but they were often laced with profanity and perfectly suited to the way Debra spoke.

One of the best Deb-isms was “S**ta brick and fuck me with it”. It’s the perfect encapsulation of how Debra usually had overreactions to situations and delivered hilarious lines. These are certainly his most memorable quotes.

“Am I a good person doing bad things or a bad person doing good things? »

The main question of the show

Many shows these days center around morally questionable protagonists. From Breaking Bad to Dexter, these shows ask audiences to follow the story of someone who isn’t exactly a paragon of virtue.

In Dexter, the main character is a killer who only goes after criminals who have murdered or injured people. Of course, he doesn’t always fully follow his “code,” which raises the question of whether he’s a good person doing bad things or a bad person doing good things.

Dexter: 15 best quotes about the show | Pretty Reel