Disney +: this terrible theory on this character adored by children!

And if the enchanted universe of Disney was not only populated by nice characters? Check out this crazy theory about Peter Pan!

Do you think you know everything about the Disney universe? And yet, some characters are not what you think. Discover the crazy theory behind Peter Pan! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Disney+ expands its back-to-school collection

The Disney + back-to-school offer has something to delight subscribers. They have already discovered for a few days Season 2 of “Only Murders in the Building”. A series in which plays, among others, Selena Gomez.

At the beginning of September, the channel will also be enriched with films stamped Marvel. Fans of the DC Comics universe will see disembarking for Disney+ Day, “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” from September 8.

But that’s not all. “Hocus Pocus 2”, “L’École Buissonnière”, “Sherlock, season 1 to 4” or even “Jean de Florette”are just the few titles that will enrich the streaming platform throughout the month.

Star Wars fans are also in for a treat. They will have the pleasure of discovering, “Andor”, the new series derived from the famous saga of George Lucas.

It’s about of a prequel narrating the adventures of Cassian Andor. This month also arrives a legendary figure from the Disney universe. A true icon of the firm, Pinocchio has just been adapted into a film.

This feature film, in which we find Tom Hanks, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth and Joseph Gordon-Levittis one of the back-to-school events on the platform.

Like Pinocchio, the enchanted world of Disney is populated by characters that make young and old dream. But are these really always what we believe?

And if, behind the “feelgood” image of Mickey and his friends, were hiding darker purposes… This is indeed the theory that some do not hesitate to advance about another emblematic Disney character: Peter Pan. MCE TV tells you more…

Disney + this terrible theory on this beloved character of children!

A hero who hides his game well?

This figure from our childhood is not as nice as it may seem. Because if Disney made him a positive hero, it could be that in reality Peter Pan is just a bloodthirsty monster. Yes, yes, you read that right!

But then, what are they based on? those who advance such a theory ? For some people, this hero, forever stuck in the world of childhood, would actually get rid of the “lost children” trying to grow up.

Peter Pan was originally penned by Scottish writer, James Matthew Barrie. Appeared in 1911 in the book “Peter Pan and Wendy”, this hero watered down by Disney, is a real psychopath!

He indeed recovers dead children, fallen from the cradle or abandoned, to send them to the country of “Neverland”. Animated by a deep hatred of adultsPeter has only one wish: to decimate as many as possible!

Knowing that with each breath, an adult dies, so he decides to breathe hard, and as much as possible to kill as many as possible. Charming, isn’t it?

Obviously, for its adaptation to the cinema, Disney could not leave the story as it is. The firm then undertook to smooth the image of Peter Pan as much as possible, so as not to shock anyone. Phew!

Disney +: this terrible theory on this character adored by children!