Elizabeth II: misinformation during mourning for the British queen

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The ten days of mourning provided for in the “Operation London Bridge” plan for the death of Elizabeth II, whose state funeral took place this Monday at Westminster Abbey, triggered an avalanche of publications on social networks about the British monarch and her 70 years of reign, but among them there were also many examples of disinformation that achieved significant dissemination on the internet.

A gold coffin, a television camera inside the coffin, a queen who treats starving children like animals, a minor who tries to escape satanic rites in Buckingham Palace… These are some of the most viral falsehoods since his death, on the 8th, all of them disassembled by EFE Verifies.

The remains of Elizabeth II do not rest in a golden coffin

A few days after the death of Elizabeth II, a photo of a gold coffin began to circulate on networks as if it were that of the queen, but the mortal remains of the monarch don’t rest in a golden coffinbut oak lined with lead, and the viral images actually corresponded to the funeral of the Mexican singer Jose jose in 2019.

In front of users on Facebook (here, here) and in Twitter who denounced how the supposed gold coffin of Elizabeth II was a sample of the colonial legacy of the British crown, EFE Verifies ran a reverse search of the photo which led to images of the golden coffin of Jose Romulo Sosaknown as José José, in information about his funeral published in Hispanic media such as Telemundo or the Chilean Tele13.

The so-called “Prince of Song”, recognized as one of the greatest romantic performers in Latin America, died in 2019 at the age of 71 and his coffin was 24 karat gold plated, as reported by several Mexican media.

In this link you can read the complete verification.


Nor is it true that the British chain BBC install one chamber inside the coffin of Elizabeth II and have broadcast images of the mortal remains of the monarch during her transfer in the hearse, as numerous Internet users erroneously stated who shared as alleged evidence a humorous montage broadcast on a Dutch television program.

That video was broadcast by numerous profiles on Twitter Y Facebookwhich published an alleged BBC broadcast with the transfer of the coffin of the queen of England through the streets of Scotland along with intercut shots that showed the interior of the coffin where the mortal remains of the monarch rest.

But those images were not real, as could be seen in the original broadcast of the British chain, and what went viral on networks was the excerpt from a parody of the transfer of the coffin broadcast in a Dutch satirical TV show.

In this link you can read the complete verification.

Elizabeth II did not throw food to hungry children, it is a scene from 1900 Indochina

Equally misleading were the publications that identified Elizabeth II as the protagonist of a video in which she was supposedly seen throw food at children “poor” Y “hungry” As if they were “chickens”as numerous users of social networks wrongly assured when spreading part of a film produced by the Lumière brothers in Vietnam in the year 1900two decades before the recently deceased British monarch was born.

These same users began to spread on networks messages What: “Sweet Queen Elizabeth feeding pigeons on a trip to Africa. How divine always with the animals! Long live the queen!”. In the video they share, some children hastily collect the supposed food that the queen of England and another woman who accompanies her drops on the floor.

In reality, the viral images do not show Queen Elizabeth, but the wife of the governor of French Indochinawho distributed alms in 1899 or 1900and the original recording is part of the catalog with more than 1,400 films produced by the company Lumiere between 1895 and 1905, long before the birth of the British monarch, in 1926.

In this link you can read the complete verification.

It’s not a naked boy escaping from Buckingham Palace

Finally, these days a video has circulated on social networks that supposedly showed how a boy ran away naked through a window from buckingham palacewhere -according to Internet users- they would be doing “satanic rituals”but they were images belonging to the promotional campaign of an American fiction series.

Users in TwitterFacebook (here, here) Y TikTok they released a recording in which a naked person was hanging down with a knotted sheet apparently from one of the windows of the palace, while two women watched the scene amused.

The viral messages that accompanied this video, typical of the theories of the American conspiracy group QAnon, said the following: “Now that Queen Elizabeth II has died I remind you that the psychopathic elite performs satanic pedophile rituals. Obviously there isn’t much evidence for that. But just because there aren’t many doesn’t mean there aren’t any.”.


However, the images correspond to a promotional campaign for the American series «The Royals», produced in 2015 by E’ Entertainment Television, which deals with the daily life of a fictional British royal family.

In this link you can read the complete verification.

Elizabeth II: misinformation during mourning for the British queen