[Exclu] Eva Green on the cover of Premiere for The Three Musketeers: “Milady has a psychopathic side”

The Casino Royale star is on the cover of Premiere for The Three Musketeers.

The new number of First just released, with a double cover devoted to Three Musketeers (the illustrated summary of this n°529 is to be read here), and to celebrate, here is an excerpt from our interview withEva Greenwho plays Milady de Winter in the two films by Martin Bourboulon: The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers: Milady. In the novels of Alexandre Dumas, she is presented as “a demon escaped from hell”. The star of Casino Roayle was chosen to embody this poisonous heroine, and she comes back for us on her relationship to the work of Dumas and on an extraordinary shoot.

[Exclu] The Three Musketeers on the cover of Premiere: “These two films are modern westerns”

PREMIÈRE: How did you end up playing Milady?
Eva Green: It was Vincent Cassel who cast me! (Laughs.) We had just finished the series Connection [Stephen Hopkins] when he told Dimitri Rassam about me. Shortly after, I received the scripts. These aren’t the kind of scripts you can skim through. There is always something going on. By reading the novel at the same time, I was able to quickly perceive the major differences between Dumas’ Milady and the one I play. And I really prefer the one from the movies!

Why ?
Its modernity is much more asserted there. Milady has a psychopathic side, she betrays since the dawn of time. But the films allow us to better understand why: it was a love wound that made her ultra-feminist and driven by this permanent desire to take revenge on men. She was a very human woman before becoming this femme fatale. An anti-heroine whose storyline helps explain why she has become callous, diabolical and unscrupulous. She seems more carnal to me in the movies than in the books. And that’s obviously what made me want to embody it. Because once this wickedness is installed, the two films will not stop digging into a humanity that did not really appear in Dumas. The storylines also made her much more of a warrior. She has real fight scenes where she appears stronger than the others.

Did the presence of these action scenes also motivate you to accept the role?
When I discovered them, I first said to myself that I was too old! (Laughs.) physical repair they were asking for that I got into the role. Martin Bourboulon’s Milady has traveled to many countries, particularly in Asia, she has ways of fighting different from those of the musketeers, close to what can be seen in Tiger and Dragon. Her look goes with it all. The films obviously do not betray Dumas but take a contemporary look at these characters and this story.

The full interview with Eva Green is available on newsstands or in our online store. In our special file The three Musketeers Also included are interviews with producer Dimitri Rassam, director Martin Bourboulon, screenwriters Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patellière, as well as the main actors François Civil (D’Artagnan), Vincent Cassel (Athos), Romain Duris (Aramis) and Pio Marmai (Porthos).

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[Exclu] Eva Green on the cover of Premiere for The Three Musketeers: “Milady has a psychopathic side”