EXCLUDED VIDEO. The castle of my dreams: this very bad surprise encountered by young squires

From Monday July 25, M6 viewers will discover The Castle of My Dreams. There they will meet Christelle and Marty, whose home welcomes surprising visitors against her will. Explanations.

Despite the summer holidays and before a busy TV season, M6 draws new shows. Thus, from this Monday, July 25, the private channel will kick off the castle of my dreams, in pre-access, from 5:30 p.m. During this program, viewers will get to know and follow the adventures of seven families “without personal wealth” who have decided to embark on a completely crazy adventure: that of becoming castellans. Dream for which they gave up everything and changed their lives. Their objective ? Open guest rooms, organize weddings, set up prodigious events… in order to finance and maintain these extraordinary estates. “Because owning a castle also means enormous sacrifices, between large-scale household chores, XXL work and terrible unforeseen events, this adventure is far from being an everyday fairy tale!“, recalls the chain in a press release.

Christelle and Mary can attest to this. These two lovers have been married for more than ten years. But because of the lockdowns, they decided to make a 180° turn. No more 93 and city life. Direction Aude, near Carcassonne where they have fell in love with a castle… in ruins and abandoned for nearly 15 years. Renovating properties, that knows them. They practiced this profession for ten years. But attacking a castle is another story. Especially since since their installation, they still have no water, electricity or toilets. On the other hand, spiders have taken up residence in this huge residence. And to top it all, they welcome surprising visitors against their will.

These people who regularly break into the castle of Christelle and Marty

The first mission was to hunt the intruders, because a castle abandoned for fifteen years, it gives ideas to many people“, says the voice-over of the castle of my dreams. And Marty elaborates: “It was an urbex spoturban exploration so basically it’s people coming to visit properties that have been abandoned“. Except that despite their installation in this area, Christelle and Marty continue to receive the “visit from people who want to take pictures“.”And who regularly enter the property“, deplores Christelle. What give rise to comical situations. “We met two days ago in t-shirts and shorts, with the dog, at 8 p.m. people wandering around the outbuildings“, reveals Marty, while Christelle confirms that “it’s annoying“Welcome home…

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EXCLUDED VIDEO. The castle of my dreams: this very bad surprise encountered by young squires