Fallacy and Cynicism: By Zaida Alicia Lladó Castillo

“A lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth.”


(responsible for the campaign of Adolf Hitler and of his rise to power).

Truth and lies circulate since the world is world, they are not exclusive to today, and less in the political environment. But, it is necessary to distinguish that the world that we have had to live in today of a lot of economic, social and political competition -in the most unfair-, has made individuals proliferate who, in order to achieve their objectives, debase themselves, corrupt , prostitute and use the most perverse tricks to achieve their plans and perfect themselves in the art of attracting others. Hence the fallacious individuals arise.

But what is a fallacy? It is an argument with the appearance of correct reasoning but that in essence IS NOT VALID or is totally INCORRECT or FALSE. People who use to speak with fallacies, since they are aware that their reasoning is deceitful and/or erroneous, they specialize in the art of persuasion or manipulation, to make their lies, mistakes and inaccuracies convincing.

The personality of a deceitful individual is very specific, but it could be summarized in the following traits:

  1. They are usually people who do NOT conform to the rules or the pre-established social (or political) order. They are people who lived in very repressive environments (punishments, violence) or too permissible (they let them do everything), but deep down they lacked the teaching of ethical values ​​in acting. Therefore, in the face of what was imposed, they learned to circumvent the limits through deception or lies.
  1. They specialize in the art of persuasion. His tendency is to seek to convince, at any cost. Not having true arguments, they resort to false arguments or to any information that is useful for their purposes, even if it is invalid or erroneous. They specialize in fake speech by skillfully crafting what people want to hear.
  1. They tend to perceive only the defects in things and people, and to generalize that condition in others. They tend to prejudge others, measuring with the same yardstick all those who criticize them or do not meet their expectations.
  1. They do not seek to investigate further so that their claims are better substantiated. They do not worry about substantiating their comments, arguments or proposals, they have mental laziness or delegate the search for information to others, and if the data they provide is not what they expect, they tend to disqualify or discard it, because they do not agree with what they want to hear.
  1. They fall into the personality order of the “cynical” (egocentrism). They are not worried that their falsehoods or errors will be discovered, sometimes they defend them or they are simply not interested in admitting that they are wrong, on the contrary, they avoid those who rebuke them and are persistent in their efforts to persuade, until someone falls in their favor. net. A person with these characteristics tends to be self-centered, which means that it is not difficult for him to pretend that he cares about others, nor is he concerned about breaking with that illusion, acting without any remorse or shame, even if it hurts, disappoints or damages others. others.
  1. They have a pessimistic view of reality. His perspective of life, of events, of individuals or groups, is that they are all bad (rich, intellectuals, opponents) and do not deserve respect because they leave the canon in which the deceiver measures them. Deep down, that personality shows a high degree of mistrust and insecurity.
  1. When you perceive superiority in others, you tend to shorten that advantage. Through fallacies or harmful arguments, they tend to disqualify or ignore the arguments of those they consider adversaries, so that vision makes them be in constant competition with anyone or anything that represents a risk or rivalry with their person or project.
  1. They surround themselves with people (receivers) with certain characteristics. Much has to do – the fact that negative behaviors are reinforced to the deceitful individual -, having a manageable audience. Some studies on the receiver’s personality traits describe him as: naive, lacking in information (ignorant on issues), low need for cognition (or knowledge and level of awareness), and high burden of resentment because the receiver tends to identify with and project yourself with the deceitful individual. When that condition occurs in groups or masses, it is the right space to be susceptible to manipulation or persuasion.

Well, doing this x-ray of the fallacy allows us to understand a character who, with that clear profile, unfortunately holds the position of President of the Mexican Republic, whose single imbestiture in particular has always earned me respect. But today things have changed.

And it is that much has already been said about his psychological profile, but few dare to spread it or debate it and I think that, for the good of all, now is the time to make it perfectly clear that an individual like that -whoever he is-, and more with extreme power is, not only dangerous for a community, but for the world itself. The history of humanity is full of sad and black pages where the protagonists were fallacious, selfish, self-centered social and political leaders. Psychopaths who became tyrants and repressors of their peers and who did not pay, not even with their deaths, for the great damage they did to their peoples and to humanity as a whole.

Today it is already becoming a habit to talk about the president’s profile, he is frequently described as sick, psychopathic and with serious features of derangement. And there are plenty of reasons to think and affirm it, and it is logical because as official and political pressure increases, anxiety becomes chronic. No doubt he is already preparing for the next stage, and he must bear his stamp. But, I venture to give a prognosis, understanding how the deceivers act: I have no doubt that he could ask the presidency for permission -next year-, to go as a candidate for the Senate and thus campaign and be on the electoral ballot again. Anything can happen.

But who would replace it? Even with all the corcholatas discovered-, his mind already locates the relief of her and perhaps still, we will take many surprises. But her distrustful, insecure and deceitful personality and her way of making decisions, which will not change her, will lead her to look for the spotlight again and pull an Ace out of her sleeve, to continue telling everyone, locals and strangers: “HAVE FOR THEM TO LEARN”.

… But, today are other times, and regardless of the decision that is made by the central power … the important thing is, what is known today, is that Mexican society perceives and says of the results of this government, which will have to make a summary judgment at the time and … I honestly don’t think he’s let himself be carried away by the fallacy again.

Thank you and see you soon.

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