Family support was essential to travel to space: Katya Echazarreta

Chihuahua.— The Municipal Government of Chihuahua joins the actions to deal with the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation in Mexico, being the first municipality in the state to be part of the fight against this crime, this after the presentation of the film “Sound of Libertad”, produced by Eduardo Verástegui and starring Jim Caviezel.

Marco Bonilla, mayor of Chihuahua, led the signing of a commitment letter with the civil association “Long Live Mexico Movement”, to deal with this problem; in order to reinforce the measures and actions that the Municipal Government carries out to protect the rights of children and adolescents in the Capital and to ensure the well-being of Chihuahuan families.

In his message, Bonilla stressed that this is the beginning of a tour of awareness, information and teamwork in favor of the children and adolescents of Chihuahua Capital and Mexico.

“This is the beginning of a process of global attention to the needs of children in the capital of Chihuahua and the north of Mexico,” said Marco Bonilla.

For her part, the president of the Municipal DIF, Karina Olivas, shared that raising awareness about these situations and putting a face to the problems; so that the authorities, academies, businessmen and civil society can take action in this regard, for which she emphasized the importance of said campaign.

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This signing is a clear action in defense of each and every child who lives in the city and to be an example for other municipalities to join and face together with this movement.

“We are creating a huge network to prevent and combat the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation in Mexico and we signed a bilateral agreement, in an effort in which the Municipality of Chihuahua actively participates. We are conducting a tour against trafficking throughout the entire Mexican territory called “Sound of Freedom.” Because the pain of the most vulnerable children is not indifferent to us”, said Eduardo Verástegui, actor, producer and president of “Movimiento Viva México”, at the beginning of the presentation.

Verástegui shared figures with the attendees where he reported that Mexico leads the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation worldwide, being the country with 60 percent of the production of child pornography that is consumed on the planet.

“We also have the effective support of the attorneys general of the United States, who have committed to sharing protocols, experiences, and strategies to combat trafficking,” said Verástegui.

“It is clear to us that only through these bilateral efforts will we be able to eradicate the sale, purchase and exploitation of children in both countries.”

The civil association Movimiento “Viva México” is conducting a tour against trafficking throughout the country, where work agreements are signed with governors, authorities and leaders from different sectors of society, and the creation of specialized investigation units against trafficking is being promoted. trafficking of children for sexual exploitation.

As an awareness tool, the tour shows the film “Sound of Freedom”, produced by Verástegui and starring Jim Caviezel.

The film, which will be released in theaters at the end of this 2022, tells the true story of Tim Ballard, an agent of the Department of Internal Security of the States who travels to Colombia undercover to rescue kidnapped for sex trafficking.

Eduardo Verástegui pointed out that Mexican children need their authorities to protect them, take care of them, be their guardians and Chihuahua teaches us that we must treat each child as if it were our own child.

For this reason, he welcomed the signing of agreements with the Chihuahua Congress, the Judiciary and the state DIF for the review and tightening of regulations regarding child trafficking.


Family support was essential to travel to space: Katya Echazarreta