Four movies to watch to get claustrophobic

There are few things that they terrorize people more than the thought of being held captive. But how to transpose this fear on screen?

Effectively communicate that sense of oppression is the challenge faced by the four claustrophobic films that we will discuss starting with

Aliens (1979)

One of the cornerstones of the Horror genre, as well as a textbook claustrophobic film. It tells the story of the crew of the Nostromo, who following a distress signal embark a lethal alien organism on their ship. The Nostromo thus becomes the theater of one of the most iconic massacres never put on screen. The ship is dark, narrow, full of ravines where the creature can crawl and only cosmic nothingness emerges. Nowhere to run, and every corner can be the end.

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Michelle, after an alleged apocalypse of which she has no memory, wakes up in a bunker underground, in chains. Her jailer, Howard, insists that the imprisonment is for her own good, and that life can now continue normally only within those walls. Over time Michelle wins Howard’s trust, but she doesn’t give up on the idea of to run away. One doubt grips her: is Howard really a psychopath or is he telling the truth?

10 Cloverfield Lane masterfully stages claustrophobia. The characters and the spectator are closed in three rooms for most of the duration of the film, feeling all the pressure of the several meters of land that separate them from the longed-for freedom.

The Shining (1980)

The iconic Psychological horror directed by Kubricktaken from the work of the same name by Stephen King.

During the winter months, due to heavy snowfall, access to the prestigious Overlook Hotel it stops needing someone to do small maintenance jobs. Jack decides to take the job as caretaker, moving into the compound with his wife and son.

Winter arrives, the days go by the same, our protagonists begin to experience visions. Is the place cursed or are they going crazy?

The Shining explores the theme of loneliness and the ensuing alienation like no other film, linking Jack’s psychological decline with a thick web of mysteries woven into the story.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Heather, Mike and Josh venture into the woods of Burkittsville determined to find the mythical Blair Witch. The place is creepy right away. In the bush they find strange artifacts and sleeping in a tent they perceive presences around them. Is it possible that they are the spirits of the Witch’s victims?

The Blair Witch Project it is anxiety set in motion. Everything is suffocating: the bush, dense, mysterious, which threatens to engulf the protagonists, the hunt for a malevolent and supernatural entity; the kids themselves who slowly begin to fear for their safety.

Oppression and anxiety, what more do you want?

Four movies to watch to get claustrophobic