Frida Sofía assures that her grandfather Enrique Guzmán is a “disgusting pedophile” and murdered a waiter

It was in April of last year, when the influencer frida sofia, daughter of singer Alejandra Guzmán and businessman Pablo Moctezumain the program “First hand” of Imagen Television, publicly denounced his grandfather Enrique Guzmán for alleged sexual abuse. According to the statements of Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter, the so-called “King of Rock & Roll in Spanish”, she improperly touched her when she was a child.

In a recent interview for the newspaper Reforma, Enrique Guzman79 years old, born in Venezuela and nationalized Mexican, made it very clear that he never wanted to see his granddaughter Frida Sofía again, not even on her deathbed. “The lies fall by themselves and the only misfortune is that we are related, if not, I would have had another type of reaction, she would have responded in a strong way, but she is family, she is my granddaughter.”

Said statements by the ex-husband of the actress Silvia Pinal, angered Frida Sofíawho sent some audio messages to television host Gustavo Adolfo Infante (which were made known in the program “First Hand”), in which makes strong accusations against his grandfather again, calling him a “disgusting pedophile”.

It disgusts me when he says: ‘well, it’s family’, no sir, or whatever you are, you disgusting pedophile, I’m not your fucking family, I don’t care, but sometimes the blood is not so thick, pedophile.

Likewise, frida sofia stated that Enrique Guzman he is a “narcissist” and “psychopath”, who has no empathy and feels absolutely nothing. Another of the strong accusations he made against his grandfather was that he allegedly murdered a waiter a few years ago..

“Why don’t you talk about the lives you owe, the people you killed, the waiter, why don’t you talk about all those things, pig, stop talking about me and focus on something else because I already … nasty”.

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On the other hand, last year Frida Sofía denounced, before the Attorney General of Mexico City, Enrique Guzmán for the alleged crimes of sexual abuse, child pornography and corruption of minors. Through her social networks, Alejandra Guzmán said that she put her hands in the fire for her father.

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Frida Sofía assures that her grandfather Enrique Guzmán is a “disgusting pedophile” and murdered a waiter