Friday 2 September 2022 Sky Cinema, Anne’s choice

Flight mode
Lillo and Paolo Ruffini in a comedy by Fausto Brizzi. Two airport attendants seize a wealthy businessman’s cell phone and take revenge on his arrogance.
(SKY CINEMA UNO HD at 9.15 pm / channel 301)

Anne’s Choice – L’evenement
Golden Lion in Venice for the film by Audrey Diwan, from the autobiography of Annie Ernaux. France, 1963: pregnant, a student decides to resort to clandestine abortion.
(SKY CINEMA DUE HD at 9.15 pm / channel 302)

Adventure blockbuster from the well-known videogame, with Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas. In search of Magellan’s treasure, Nathan Drake and Sully face the evil Santiago Moncada.
(SKY CINEMA COLLECTION HD at 9.15 pm / channel 303)

Save the Last Dance
Love story to the rhythm of hip-hop with Julia Stiles. After the death of her mother, a girl gives up becoming a dancer, but a street dancer encourages her to pursue her dream.
(SKY CINEMA FAMILY HD at 21.00 / channel 304)

12 Soldiers
Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon in a war movie based on a true story. After 9/11, a US special team lands in Afghanistan to organize the war against Al Qaeda.
(SKY CINEMA ACTION HD at 9.00 pm / channel 305)

The collector
Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd in a thriller based on the James Patterson novel. Criminologist Alex Cross’s granddaughter is missing. The investigation leads to the insane plan of a psychopath.
(SKY CINEMA SUSPENCE HD at 21.00 / channel 306)

Eat, pray, love
In Search of Happiness with Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem. A writer, traveling between Italy, India and Indonesia, discovers the wonders of food, meditation and the man of dreams.
(SKY CINEMA ROMANCE HD at 21.00 / channel 307)

Borg McEnroe
The rivalry between two tennis legends, played by Shia LaBeouf and Sverrir Gudnason. Wimbledon, 1980: the glacial Bjorn Borg challenges the whimsical John McEnroe in an epic match.
(SKY CINEMA DRAMA HD at 21.00 / channel 308)

Mr. Bean – The latest catastrophe
First feature film dedicated to the character played by Rowan Atkinson. Mistaken for an art expert, Mr Bean combines repetitive disasters in a Los Angeles museum.
(SKY CINEMA COMEDY HD at 21.00 / channel 309)

Bent – Criminal Police
Sofia Vergara, Karl Urban and Andy Garcia in an action on the edge of tension. A former narcotics detective, unjustly in prison, wants to find out who framed him.
(SKY CINEMA UNO +24 HD at 9.15 pm / channel 310)

The children of men
Dystopian Sci-Fi by Alfonso Cuaron, with Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine. 2027: a former activist protects the only pregnant woman in a humanity affected by infertility.
(SKY CINEMA DUE +24 HD at 9.15 pm / channel 311)

The card collector
Paul Schrader directs Oscar Isaac, Tye Sheridan and Willem Dafoe. A gambler puts his skills to good use by wandering around the casinos when he meets a guy looking for revenge.
(SKY CINEMA 4K at 9.15 pm / channel 313)

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