From Game of Thrones to House of the Dragon: A Semi

Daenerys Targaryen is wrong for a myriad of different reasons: it is the Queen he is sworn to protect ,so he’s in too high a position. In addition, she is much younger than him (yes, age is often a problem) and cannot have a normal love life, but above all she does not and will never have a feeling for him other than deep affection and esteem.

We’ve all been there, all like poor Ser Jorah thought: “You will see that one day things will change!”. As Max Pezzali sang however, the friend rule is never wrong, and Ser Jorah always sees himself bestowed the dreadful title of Lord Friendzone at every opportunity, to his and our despair. As if that weren’t enough, when Daenarys exiles him, to return to her Jorah overcomes every obstacle and suffering, kills fearsome opponents, even saves her life… The result? “Hey welcome back Jorah, this is Jon Snow.

After Khal Drogo and the vain Daario (then finished in a corner at the first opportunity) finally comes a rival who is impossible to beat. The beauty is that in the end, crying on the funeral pyre, Daenerys perhaps realizes one thing: he was the only one who truly loved her for who she was. Unfortunately the Friendzone is forever my dears and dears, you know it too well, it’s like death and taxes. Just ask an expert in the sector like the legendary Tormund. Strangely, his efforts are worthless, the sheepish irony and the animalistic way in which he eats at the table to seduce the giantess Brienne. Even in this case, the Friendzone was dead-end.

Love, hate and other ingredients

Something like this also happens to Ser Criston Cole. As soon as we see it in House of the Dragon we think “here comes the other half of Rhaenyra’s heart”. And instead…even here Martin taught us that in that gigantic mess that is love, often things change and not for the better, that nothing is as it seems. Cole has his elopement proposal rejected by the Princess and soon turns into a cowardly, unstable and violent man. Or maybe it always had been? Of course, he has little to envy to a beloved character like Tyrion Lannisterso related to his Shaeperhaps one of the most beautiful couples of game of Thrones. Also in this case a refusal, even if animated with the best intentions, lays the foundations for a tragedy: a betrayal and then an assassination.

It’s no better at Robb Starkthat out of love for the beautiful Talisa finally he finds himself with worst wedding party of all time and literally loses his mind. Here love rather than saving is a tombstone. In House of the Dragon the one of Rhea Royce holds it in hand Daemon. Literally. Here then perhaps the idea that love is a poison, or that it makes one weak, can emerge from time to time, because often in the Seven Kingdoms, the couples that last the longest seem to be those in which passion has succumbed to reasons of state. or at least it was put on the back burner. Whoever loves with detachment wins” says an ancient Persian adage and it really seems to be like that in Martin’s world.

In House of Dragons, Rhaenyra finally he marries for political necessity with Laenor Velaryonopenly homosexual, yet for several years it held up with the right counterweights. Laena Velaryon And Daemon they become a close match just as it was Viserys with regret Emmaand even with Alicent, who certainly shows several times that he cares about the old and sensitive King in spite of everything. Even between Robert Baratheon and that gorgon of Cersei Lannister it had lasted longer than certain “pure loves”. ned And Catelyn Tully they had not chosen each other, yet theirs was an exemplary marriage. Therefore? Love does not exist? Is it an illusion? Not really.

Misfortunes, incest and forever alone

Love is precious sure, but in unforgiving times it’s often a luxury, which we have coincidentally defined as disinterested for a few decades. But looking around us, it becomes clear in everyday life that often not even in our highly advanced 21st century it really is.
Jon Snow loved the feisty Ygrittewho had friendzoned Orell, the skin-changer who was the first to realize that that brunette wasn’t telling it right. It brought her a little bad luck tooso much so that at one point he had developed the uncomfortable habit of shooting arrows at Jon in bursts. Isn’t love beautiful if it’s not a fight? Even if it’s not a bit incestuous, let’s face it.

After game of Thrones well in House of Dragons the tendency to effusions between relatives remains. Daemon Targaryen and Rhaenyra after Cersei and Jaime Lannister? Let’s say that basically in many dynasties of the past it was not so different, they thought of “saving” dynastic purity. Often with less than fantastic results. The frail physique of Vittorio Emanuele III was long attributed to the fact that he was the son of Umberto I and his cousin Margherita of Savoy. In the Seven Kingdoms, however, it is a forbidden fruit, something that cannot be done. Yet think about it, who loved each other more than Cersei and Jaime, who was more faithful? Nobody. The “it can’t be done” belongs to another very unfortunate couple: Gray Worm And Missandei. The affection and delicacy of the impossible relationship that binds the two is one of the most sensitive points of the narration of game of Thrones.

Even the sentimental loneliness of Margaery Tyrell and of Sansa Stark are important, however much I force them into the dimension of forever alone. Sansa in particular, goes from one sentimental nightmare to another with an almost Fantozzi-like constancy: there is not a single decent man in her love life, deals with sadists, torturers, psychopaths and manipulators like Joffrey, Littlefinger and especially Ramsay Bolton. Ultimately in her as in Arya, we find the certainty that it doesn’t take another person to be complete, above all, it is important to have one’s own freedom.
Which perhaps explains why theOberyn Martell Of Pedro PascaL (which we will find in The Last of Us) is the protagonist of one of the most sincere and successful love stories with his beloved Ellaria.

From Game of Thrones to House of the Dragon: A Semi-Serious Guide to Love in the Seven Kingdoms