From uncovering drug use in Save me and destroying Jorge Javier Vázquez to being president

Much has been said about the backstage of ‘Sálvame’ in all these years, but it has been silenced so as not to further damage the image of the program. Collaborators talk a lot about what happens outside the corridors of Mediaset, but not inside them. The only one who has dared to break the silence has been Karmele Marchante. A decade ago the Catalan decided to leave the ‘La Fábrica de la TV’ program after feeling humiliated by her classmates. However, during these last years she has spoken at length about them. Some statements that have set fire to Mediaset.

A Karmele Marchente she resents being mentioned on the show. “I have just been informed that the cocaine addict and hacienda thief They are talking about me in that Telecinco garbage dump,” the journalist wrote in reference to Kiko.

Karmele Marchante MEDIASET

But he also had hints for Jorge Javier Vázquez. “The psycho midget hasn’t stopped him. I have them threatened, as they mention me I sing”. And, of course, for both. “Two misogynists, abusers and egomaniacs dare to mention me? What a pair of unfortunates alone and abandoned. One gives to alcohol and the other to dust.”

And he threatened the producer and the chain with telling delicate things. “I’m going to start counting things. Starting tomorrow I will open a thread. Get ready!-“And he acknowledged having entered” outbreak ”. He made it very clear that they are forbidden to talk about her on her heart program, if they do, he will reveal everything she knows about her. “I left without saying goodbye. Working there was a dunghill with many paths. drugs, mistreatment, bullyingmisogyny…“.

The journalist has shown once again that it is a tsunami, like that song that she popularized in ‘Sálvame’. “And it is that I am a tsunami, I am a girl in. And I’m something unstoppable, you can’t resist”, intoned Karmele in her attempt to represent Spain in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Karmele Marchante, sorry to work in social chronicle

A few months ago the possibility of signing Karmele Marchante again in ‘Sálvame’ was considered after the show’s fall in audiences, but she denied that rumour. “I no longer know how to explain that I WILL NOT GO BACK TO THAT INFAME PROGRAM. They are using my image to lie and confuse, the only thing they do well, and to sell smoke. IT IS NOT NO. When I left that disgusting pigsty I said I WOULD NEVER COME BACK. And so it is. Thank you friends,” Karmele wrote.

Karmele Marchante regretted having worked in the gossip press, she believes that it harmed her more than it benefited her. Her career as a journalist has been devalued. After collaborating on several television programs, the Catalan is focused on writing. She publishes books periodically. She also chairs a feminist collective under the name ‘The 25 club’. Now he’s also trying his luck in the theater with ‘Acción comadres’.

The journalist was also linked to politics in her fight for independence from Catalonia and feminism.

From uncovering drug use in Save me and destroying Jorge Javier Vázquez to being president