Grey’s Anatomy: why Ellen Pompeo will only be present in 8 episodes of season 19

The launch of the “Grey’s Anatomy” series coincided with the start of the career of Ellen Pompeo, alias Meredith Grey, who has appeared in all 19 seasons since 2005.

The series created by Shonda Rhimes reached records of longevity, with the 19th season which should be broadcast from October 6th. Ellen Pompeo, whose title role since 2005 is that of doctor Meredith Grey, should however only participate in 8 episodes of this new season.

New projects for Ellen Pompeo, the announced end of the series?

The question needs to be asked because Shonda Rhimes told E! News have a pact with the actress who became an international star thanks to her white coat. “Ellen and I have a pact that I continue the show as long as she continues it.” Considering the fact that the 52-year-old actress will appear less in Grey’s Anatomy to dedicate himself to a role in a mini-series called “Orphan”, nothing ensures that a season 20 of the emblematic series will see the light of day. To only appear in 8 episodes of this season, an arrangement was reached after months of discussions between Ellen Pompeo and the producer, reveals the Daily Mail, although the actress always lends her voice to tell the series. In addition, since 2021, the actress is co-executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy. and does not intend to give way, according to IMDb.

Ellen Pompeo should therefore focus more on the new Hulu mini-series, devoted to the real case of Natalia Grace, a young adopted woman, born in Ukraine and adopted by the Barnett couple in 2010, when she was supposed to be 6 years old. The couple eventually concluded it was ‘a psychopath with dwarfism posing as a child’ telling the DailyMail that “Natalia was a con artist who repeatedly tried to kill her adoptive mother Kristine.‎”This is the reason why the mini-series is called Orphan, in comparison to the eponymous horror film, released in 2009. Gray’s Anatomy side, and this since season 17, where his character spent a good part of the time in a coma, Ellen Pompeo’s work is relatively small. According to the Daily Mail, no decision has yet been made. “as to whether Ellen will leave the show altogether at some point in the foreseeable future”.‎

Grey’s Anatomy: why Ellen Pompeo will only be present in 8 episodes of season 19