Haiti: Eleven million zombies?

Sunday, August 28, 2022 ((rezonodwes.com))–

The phenomenon of zombification which is attributed to a supernatural post-mortem practice in vogue in the “invisible world” seems to take place in a disturbing visibility “in vivo” on the more than eleven million living beings living under this dark sky, however constantly sunny. Our destitute Haiti – strewn with corruption, hammered with stupidity and jovenized with mosaic lies topped with rotting bananas – would be stuffed with a myriad of undead.

In the cacophony, the haunted city sings a cynical refrain mixed with a mixture infested with insecurity and muscular kidnapping of submachine guns and Kalashnikovs. Fatal marriage consummated between horrible economic precariousness arm in arm with galloping hyperinflation. Haiti savors the full dish of a copious miseré served by the buccaneers of the PHTK in “diabolical” concert with the buccaneers of the “omniscient and omnipotent” West.

Meanwhile, this villainous clan of political amateurs – fallen from Jupiter or Mars like fierce aliens in the serious affairs of the republic and whose impostor godfather embodies all bad morals – scheme to surf in the official bubble ad vitam aeternam . From the blooper Michel to the usurper Jovenel then to the psychopathic neurosurgeon Ariel, the endless funereal hopscotch of the criminal cartel PHTK continues their trajectories to take the most vulnerable to the slaughterhouse. Tabernacle! The elite live without a vocation.

Only zombies – unrebellious – could languish for a decade under the domination of all this nonsense, mismanagement and barbarism without thinking about upsetting the infernal status quo as an expression of holy anger in the face of the inhuman conditions inflicted on them. Hero of the past bicentenary, will the Haitian people become a zombie of the present century?

From mythical anecdotes to empirical facts
Phantasmagorical beliefs perceive zombification as a mysterious phenomenon sealed with a confused posthumous stamp that becomes embedded in a certain “invisible world”. Marronnage of the deceased in rebellion to death, it is always in a hallucinating amazement that bereaved families honor the unexpected return of a late one already nailed between the four boards and deposited six feet underground. Singular certainly, but the rebellion of a ghost residing in the “country without a hat” to resurface in the beautiful “visible world” would be confirmed in exceptional cases experienced from time to time within our mystical and mythical historical republic.

In a figurative sense similar to many thanatophobic terms, society knows how to index zombies to spirits that show adynamia, psychic deficiency or cognitive slowness. Today, in a literal unsanitary sense, our disfigured nation in a nasty disfiguration of its structures and a bloody destructuring of its institutions seems to stagger under the effect of a phencyclidine-based drug which plunges it into a cataleptic state.

On a daily basis, more than eleven million zombified go about their many active and idle occupations while waiting almost in absolute certainty to undergo the verdict of the death squads in control of the bloody jungle. This catatonic lethargy which obliterates in a paroxysmal tragedy the historical republic has exceeded the limits.

No conscious people should ever reduce themselves to this stage of bestiality. The effects of this anesthesia have lasted too long in the veins of this bad luck nation hypnotized by the eye of the cyclone of the manipulative West. A firm kick to the PHTK’s ass to crush the cruel anthill is no longer an option. It is the only alternative that stands as a starting point for the resurrection of this nation in a coma that languishes to take the exit door to collective salvation. Ayiti Fout Bouke Tonne!

Horror movie
Netty, Evelyne, Osny, Lencie, Lorna, Fabiola, Deborah, Joana, Josette, Sondjie, Sarahdjie …, long is the list of our beautiful young promising women kidnapped and / or fallen under murderous bullets because of the electoral gluttony of the PHTK . Each drama is lived in a more dramatic way than the others. Yet, in a daily suspense of kidnapping or unworthy death, society continues to go about its business. Is there a single soul who could remain impassive about this most recent case on the Pont de Tabarre? The demon hit very hard. Our deepest sympathy to the Desanclos family.

Dorval, Saint-Hilaire, Patrice, Pady, Sylvestre, Sylner, Dieujuste, Bordes, Wolf, Mackindi, Jean Féret, Buissereth, …, a host of fine minds and seasoned professionals in the service of society have been kidnapped and/or executed by the crank animals of the jungle erected by the PHTK. The tragedies follow one another but are not alike. Witchcraft in the open air, Haiti lives in an era of solitary modernity; she walks in the valley of the shadow of death where she rubs shoulders with the demon on a daily basis.

“The diabolical series would be better in cities with crazy gangs and slums with deranged clans”. Live, like an overheated arena of gladiators facing wild animals, Lalime, Sison, Merten and their procession of Leviathans dress in their ornate cassocks to enjoy episodes of blood spilled, gutted bellies, decapitated heads and hearts torn from this beautiful historic land that they plan to obliterate.

Yesterday, Martissant was the scene of an abyssal lynching of a “sacred” uniform with emblematic coats of arms composed of palm trees and a cap in the colors of the national flag. Five crucified police officers, a seized armored vehicle, heavy weapons and ammunition remained in the hands of the crooks, the criminals with ties were hidden behind drones to mislead innocent people from the PNH who became martyrs in ignominy.

Funny roles. The armored vehicle was recovered in return for several million gourdes paid to the bandits of the Devil’s Village when the grieving families had not been able to recover the lifeless bodies of their offspring for a final sepulchral tribute with a minimum of dignity.

Today a police inspector was ambushed during a worship service only to be lynched by goons. Murder inside a church. The bandits had also invaded a peristyle to behead Vodou priests. Decidedly, the myths of the untouchable are reversed. An explosion of kidnapping cases, shipments of illegal weapons with surprisingly the complicity of a religious sect, it is the reign of the stardom of demonic spirits.

Meanwhile the de facto Prime Minister sends sympathy tweets if a French, Japanese or Australian dog has died overseas. Yet not a note of sympathy for the parents of the victims of kidnappings and heinous murders. Ariel “laughs” at the multiple forms of discrimination to which our compatriots are subjected in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean, in Latin America.
Instead of thinking about remedial measures, Ariel contracts an indecent marriage with the dirty Binuh diplomats who promote and praise the federation of street gangs. These white-collar gangs installed in the heart of the public sphere are the real dangers of society. Haiti has skimped too much to get rid of its false friends and traitor sons.

The saving click
Corpses on vacation, walking bodies devoid of an inch of indignation, traumatized minds devoid of an ounce of reason, confused souls devoid of an iota of conscience. It is necessary to believe that after all the crimes perpetrated in this society under the curse of the PHTK, if the citizens do not rise up it is that they are zombies. It is on purpose, to draw a macabre picture, that bodies without heads and without hearts have been installed at the pituitary of the sovereign institutions to erase Haiti from the world map.

A minimum of abuse would be enough for the human being of the second millennium to revolt against the infrahuman conditions that would be inflicted on him. For a decade, Haiti has been the scene of a maximum of nonsense and barbarism perpetrated in a flagrant complicity between condescending external diplomats and incompetent internal captains. Society gives the impression that all is well Madame la Marquise.

We feel that there is a tiny exception of rebellion in the face of the execrable conditions. However, it is insufficient to constitute a critical mass to ensure the return to equilibrium. The dialectic is appalled to note that the heirs of Dessalines and Toussaint can allow themselves to be dehumanized by this abject minority which does not give a damn about social peace in the city.

If Haiti was aware, dozens of entities were to follow the courageous decision of the Faculty of Sciences. The pure and simple closure of their activities. At this untimely hour, the Prime Minister was to be given the green light to operate in a vacuum, all alone, in minority masturbation with Ariel, her PHTK chapel, her gang families and deranged allies of the treacherous international community.

Life being sacred, no one has the right to mortgage it, trample it, martyrize it or trivialize it. The more than eleven million Haitian souls, in search of happiness, like all rational human beings on the planet, are not cartoons. They are people in their own right, driven by reflections, inspirations, aspirations and motivated by ambitious dreams and promising projects.

There is an extreme urgency to conceive the antidote to this lethal poison of generalized zombification to resuscitate our sleepy compatriots who head down the genocidal path towards the slaughterhouse like walking corpses. Haiti, wake up!

Carly Dollin

Haiti: Eleven million zombies?