Halftime: Jennifer Lopez’s documentary is on Netflix

It is now possible to find on Netflix Half-time, the documentary dedicated to J-Lo. In this event film, platform subscribers will (re)discover the singer’s career, and in particular her Super Bowl halftime show in 2020.

Singer, dancer, actress and above all a committed woman: at 52, Jennifer Lopez continues to make people dream! It is therefore quite natural that Netflix wanted to devote a documentary to him. This Tuesday, June 14, the platform at N rouge has put online Half-time, a feature film devoted to the career of the singer. And unlike other successful documentaries that can be found on the platform, viewers will not have to deal with a psychopath like the gynecologist of Our father to all or scammers as in bad vegan Where Tinder Scammer, Nope ! This time it’s a much more festive register that Netflix offers us.

What to expect?

The documentary Half-time follows Jennifer Lopez through one of the most important years of her life. The first scene of the documentary shows the singer blowing out her fiftieth birthday candles. Barely a minute from the start, the viewer is sent 6 months later, the day of his performance in the 2020 Super Bowl Finals.

I turned fifty this year, all the beautiful things that have happened to me in life have brought me to this moment. All my life I have struggled to be heard, to be seen, to be taken seriously and here I have a unique opportunity to show the world who I am.” she explains. In Half-timewhich can be translated as “half-time”, the subscribers of the platform will discover all the preparation of the exceptional show of J-Lo.

Accompanied by Shakira, Jennifer Lopez simply ignited the Sun Life Stadium in Miami. In front of more than 150 million viewers, the 50-year-old resumed her biggest titles such as Jenny from the Block and Get Right. During this 14-minute performance, Ben Affleck’s companion also shared a song with her daughter and above all, paid tribute to one of the greatest basketball players in the world… Kobe Bryant, who died a few days earlier. But, through this documentary, we also and above all discover his lifelong commitment to the Latin community. During an exchange with Shakira, a few months before the show, J-Lo explains having “an incredible opportunity to show the world who we are as an artist and also as a community”. Indeed, the representation of the two superstars takes place in full mandate of Donald Trump.

Besides this incredible artistic performance, Half-time teaches us more about the artist, his beginnings, his family and his fight to break into an environment (the cinema) which did not favor “people of color”. It therefore made sense, for the directors, to make J-Lo appear during his performance on January 20, 2021. The nomination of Joe Biden, just elected to the American presidency. A moment rich in emotion during which the singer of Puerto Rican origin performed two emblematic titles from the United States, This Land Is Your Land and America the Beautiful.Once again, “Jenny from the block” is unanimous in front of millions of people.

Source : netflix

Halftime: Jennifer Lopez’s documentary is on Netflix