Halloween 2022: top 8 of the best costumes inspired by movies or series

The thrilling Halloween party is in the starting blocks. This year, it’s decided, we anticipate for our Halloween costumes so as not to end up with a simple white sheet on the head. After having explored all the abominable creatures like the witch or the werewolf, we slip into the skin of our favorite fictional characters.

From Harley Quinn to Eleven from Stranger Things, costumes inspired by films or series promise a unique rendering between originality and trend. Ready to mutate into a badass heroine?

Films and series, inexhaustible references for an original Halloween costume

Last week the american media revealed the list of the most wanted Halloween costumes by Internet users in the country in 2022. Unsurprisingly, it’s the unbeatable witch who flies over the rankings from the top of his broom. A little too conventional for your taste? Do not panic, other novelties come to raise the level and they come in part from our favorite series or films.

Gone are the pointy hats, devil horns and crepe paper pumpkin masks that punctuated our childhood Halloween. Today, we allow ourselves joyful sartorial follies, permitted only on October 31. To avoid the terrible experience of the “double look” in the evening, which puts the nerves on edge, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime become our best allies.

Between Stranger Things, Euphoria, Squid Game or House of the Dragonin 2022 streaming platforms flooded us with inspiring characters, sometimes strange, sometimes glamorous. As a bonus, these female figures that we rub shoulders with at the dawn of our moments chill free themselves from an admirably impetuous character.

Completed thehypersexualized heroine à la Lara Croft, it’s time for gender justice. Whether it’s the Tokyo rebel robber in Money Heist or teenage telepath and telekineticist Eleven from Stranger Thingsthe girl power is at the rendezvous in the series. With these Halloween costumes inspired by films and series, the macho specter breaks into a nice cold sweat.

Haro on serial killer Halloween costumes

You thought you were making yourself up in “Dahmer” or as “Ted Bundy” for Halloween? Better to abandon the idea. These ruthless and inhuman characters, brought to light by series, bog us down in extreme fear. On paper, they match perfectly with the funereal atmosphere of ‘Halloween. Problem: these cruel beings existed in real life (alas).

Unlike Scream, a pure fictional product, the serial killers have committed the worst barbaric acts in the real world. Representing them, even under cover of dark humour, therefore amounts to glorifying a murderer. By noting the enthusiasm behind the keywords “Jeffrey Dahmer costume”, eBay has also banned the sale of costumes bearing his image.

Our favorite Halloween costumes inspired by movies and series

For this 2022 edition of Halloween to have a unique flavor, we dive into the most grandiose series and films of the last decades. From the terrifying penniless in That to mischievous Wednesday Addams to psycho bombshell Harley Quinn, the costumes confront elegance and horror, without feigning comfort. You will feel your wings grow…

1 – Wednesday from The Addams Family

Do you hear that harpsichord tune? The Addams Family is out! Wednesday, sarcastic and cunning feminist heroine, gives us sweet scares. Pigtails, dark black lipstick and goth schoolgirl outfit are essential to reproduce this flagship look.

Available from S to L

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2 – Tokyo in Money Heist

The robbery of the century would be nothing without the iconic Tokyo, bold, cheeky and impulsive woman who delights in debauchery. No one would like to cross paths with this hothead.

And that’s good, his costume is conducive to imitations. Blood red jumpsuit, boyish cut and Dali mask (it goes without saying) are auspicious.

Available from 36 to 46/48

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3 – The female version of ghostbuster

In the family of horror classics, we ask ghostbuster a.k.a Ghost SOS. To drive away crazy paranormal phenomena, you will need a nice pair of courage but also a backpack vacuum cleaner and a sand suit.

Available in size L

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4 – Eleven in Stranger Things

As the fourth installment of this hit series opened last May, the characters continue to garner admiration from fans. Eleven, a young girl endowed with psychogenetic and telepathic faculties with a dark past arouses general enthusiasm.

The watchword for the costume: pink dress, blue teddy and fake blood under the nostrils. Too bad the powers are not provided with…

Available from 38/40 to 42/44

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5 – Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey

Fallen wife of the dangerous Joker, Harley Quinn is a sadistic anti-heroine, completely screwed up. With her cheeky doll look and her childish character, she masters the art of skating like no other. Beneath her false air of minnows, she hides a raw character.

It is the very caricature of madness. Her look, as exuberant as it is, always has the “wow” effect. Two-tone duvets, a little heart on the cheek, shiny overalls and hammers make up the whole costume.

Available from XS to L

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6 – Rhaenyra Targaryen in house of the dragon

Rhaenyra Targaryen, central character of this series ultra popular, is also the heiress of King Viserys I, his father. Confronted with high responsibilities from an early age, Rhaenyra has rage in her blood.

A strong woman, dignified and full of humility, she is the very example of feminine success. Dragon-patterned period clothing, a platinum wig and a choker necklace are part of the starter pack.

Available from S to M/L

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7 – Player 457 in Squid Game

Upon its release on Netflix, the series Squid Game has become a real phenomenon. This survival competition that gave us many heartaches and some chills fulfills the promise of the macabre 100%.

To challenge the killer doll and play a bloody version ofe “one, two, three suns” you will need a green number flocked tracksuit set.

Available from S to XL

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8 – The clown Grippe Sou in That

The terrible Influenza Sou from the movie That don’t let no respite for clown phobics. He who lurks in the sewers and who delights in little childrenn fresh gives the “petoches” for sure.

With his evil smile, his sharp teeth like a knife and his excessive makeup, Influenza Sou brings the bristles to attention. For the costume, you will need a red balloon, a Victorian clockwork doll dress and a clown nose. Amusement parks suddenly give us less desire…

Available from XS to L

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The Halloween costumes modeled on our favorite films and series will surely make more than one envious. With such a pageantry, you will not be immune to a few autograph requests. Bring a pen, you never know… If you arrive after the hustle and bustle, you can always turn around on the vampire skin trendterribly glowing.

Halloween 2022: top 8 of the best costumes inspired by movies or series