Horacio Villalobos exploded against Gustavo Adolfo Infante and the production of Sale el sol: “Disgusting”

Horacio Villalobos referred negatively to Gustavo Adolfo Infante after the reporter’s scandal (Photo: Instagram)

The incident that a few days ago put in the middle of the conversation Gustavo Adolfo Infante continues to give something to talk about and now it was Horace Villalobos who reacted to the situation. And it is that the journalist of Image Television starred in a scandalous moment on September 8, when in the middle of the live broadcast of the program the sun risesInfante exploded against his companions Joanna Vega-Biestro Y Ana Maria Alvarado.

The self-appointed “journalist of exclusives” put aside the information on shows that he usually presents in the “Birds on the wire” section and focused on dismiss the work of journalists. “The net already fell fat. Get to work”, were some of the words that the reporter expressed addressing Vega-Biestro and Alvarado.

This situation generated reactions from the journalist’s detractors, such as Laura Zapata and Sergio Mayer, who even promoted an initiative that seeks to get Infante off the air for considering it “harmful to audiences”.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante threatened to resign from “Sale el Sol” if Joanna Vega-Biestro is not fired (Video: Sale el sol)

In the midst of the statements, it has now been Horacio Villalobos who expressed his feelings regarding the controversy that persecutes the driver of The minute my destiny changed. It was in the most recent broadcast of the farandula podcast 021 where the communicator referred to the aforementioned, calling him with an offensive nickname that alludes to his first name.

“They want us to talk about the ‘Infamous Amorphous Worm’ lawsuit, which it was disgusting, the truth. Not even hell entered so disgusting. In truth, that is despicable, in truth, and what would have happened, perhaps, if everything was a montage. Some people think it’s a setupto Ana María Alvarado, that I love and adore her, I saw her very confused, but there are people, so that you can see that there are conspiracy priorities, there are people who say “it is a montage,” “said the also host of the” Zone of shows” of joy come.

Villalobos, with his particular style, criticized Infante’s actions and considered it “in bad taste” to show personal differences in a program broadcast live on the air.

The reporter said he was the only one who “brings exclusives” to the Imagen Televisión program (Video: The sun rises)

“I don’t know if it’s a setup or not, what I can tell you is that it’s in very bad taste that four companions fight, well, one remained silent, who was ‘the most handsome’ alex kaffiebut regardless of whether women or not, we all deserve respect. If it was for a matter of searching ratingwell, how low and if not, it is also very low ”, he stressed.

The stern judge of The academy 20 years considered that the reputation of the sun rises was harmed after the outburst of Gustavo Adolfo and questioned whether he is an “educated person.”

“What happens is that after getting out of this crisis it is difficult, a morning show gets stained, but they also know that people forget everything, so it seems to me to be in very bad taste. I think that if they are educated people, they have to fight with ideas, not shouting and disqualifications”.

The driver is part of 'Venga la alegría', competition of 'Sale el sol' (Photo: Screenshot)
The driver is part of ‘Venga la alegría’, competition of ‘Sale el sol’ (Photo: Screenshot)

Likewise, the presenter criticized that the production of the morning Image Television has not stopped the fight on the air and shared the opinion he has of Gustavo Adolfo and his fellow section.

“At that time the producer or the producer or whoever was in charge, was watching ‘money, money, money‘… (Gustavo) he is a horror, he is a very sinister guywhat don’t people know, what is not clear to them?… I have worked with Ana María Alvarado and she is a first class woman, I know Joanna Vega-Biestro from ‘hello and goodbye’, Alex Kaffie seems to me that belongs to the category of ‘Amorphous Worm’, and ‘Amorphous Worm’ is a horror because he is also a person who always brings an agenda, and who is linked to the most horrendous part of the showwhat’s more, let’s not talk about him ”, concluded the critic, audibly exalted, to make way for another topic.


Horacio Villalobos exploded against Gustavo Adolfo Infante and the production of Sale el sol: “Disgusting”